What is a home?

What is a home? I’ve been noticing that what a lot of people tend to think about is a “house.” I’m really trying to shift my own thinking to go beyond that. I think the word “home” should be glorified with a lot more significance and not be reduced to a mere building.

I keep realizing over and over again that having a positive home isn’t something that just happens, it’s something that’s intentionally created.

It’s hard to feel safe, rested, loved, inspired, peaceful and clear-minded at all if you don’t feel that way at home.

I say I’m learning this as if it’s something new, but it’s been a 24-year long lesson so far!

It’s not frivolous to think about this stuff. It’s not silly.

It’s work, but it’s GLORIOUS work! #bouqlove

It’s also just really satisfying. I’ve noticed that I feel most at home when my family does.

This isn’t about having a spotless house all the time. Not at all. If you came over, you would see immediately that I’m still working on that one and am very unlikely to ever arrive. :) Keeping things clean enough to not go crazy is important, but let’s not reduce the homemaker to a housekeeper. It’s so much more than that!

As always, it’s never going to be perfect – but it can always be beautiful. We don’t have to be perfect to do good. We can blossom right where we are.

A home is welcoming.

With children, there is always going to be a certain level of disorder, I think. There’s still a lot to be said for managing clutter for the simple reason that it makes life a lot easier. Clutter is also just really overwhelming! Have you ever gotten rid of a bunch of stuff and noticed that your kids are a little calmer, a little more independent? It’s weird, but it’s true. You’ll feel better too. It’s hard to really appreciate the impact until it’s done.

Aromatherapy is incredibly useful for setting a tone. Certain oils will relax, while others will inspire or energize. It’s just so easy to use aromatherapy to your advantage.

Do others feel welcome? I love inviting people in, feeding them. My kids get so excited when friends and family visit. It also motivates me to clean the house, but that’s another story.

Little touches bring me more joy than anything. Flowers in a mason jar. Clean, soft blankets on the couch. Soft music. Interesting books within reach. Fresh fruit and nuts on the kitchen counter.

A home is inspiring.

This is so exciting to me! I need to be inspired to be happy. I need to write and create things… it’s my purpose and everyone needs one of those. I want my kids to get excited about learning and creating, too.

Does grace abound or is there an atmosphere of perfectionism? Or are mistakes corrected gently and kindly? If the kids feel like their mistakes are the end of the world, they’ll lose the courage to try new things. It can be hard to break this cycle if you were conditioned to think this way at some point. It can be hard to forgive others’ mistakes if you have a hard time forgiving your own.

Is there music? We’ve been collecting instruments over the years and are trying to make making music together a new family tradition. It’s so encouraging and it makes us feel really connected. Even just listening to music in the background changes the whole mood around here.

Is there time to create? There’s nothing worse than those busy seasons that drag out forever, with no time left to act upon the creative thoughts that come up. When they’re just left swirling around in our minds, overwhelm is imminent. We all need white space in our day.

Are there tools at the ready? It’s going to seem cumbersome to work on a craft or project when you have to dig through a closet or gather things from around the whole house just to start.

A home is healthy.

So much of what goes on at home, especially with little kids, is just caring for the bodies that live there. :)

It can all seem rather thankless! But if not maintained, health can quickly become an issue. It definitely affects overall quality of life, so this area does require a certain focus.

Are there basic routines in place that cover everyone’s ongoing health + hygiene needs? Bathing? Exercise? Dental care?

Does everyone have clean clothes to wear?

Do meals happen at the same time every day? Are they healthy and nutritious?

Are there first aid supplies readily available?

Are vitamins and supplements a need? Is there a routine in place for those who need them?

Basic things here, sure. But any mother alive today can tell you that they all require intention. These things don’t just happen!

It all starts here.

I’m never going to give up on my home. I’m doing it for myself, my kids, my husband. I’m doing it for everyone who passes through my door. It all starts at home so even if I never write another blog post, never volunteer again, I’ll still be changing the world through the people who are blessed here.

DIY Tooth Pain Remedy

I recently had a wisdom tooth pulled. Although my teeth are pretty healthy, this one had been developing a cavity for a long time and became incredibly painful over the last few weeks. I tried a lot of things to relieve the pain before getting it pulled (which, honestly, I put off for far too long) and what ended up working best was a tooth pain remedy created from a combination of what friends and family recommended to me.

DIY essential oil toothache remedy

You’ll need:

Boil water first, to make sure it’s free of impurities. You can also use distilled water. When it cools down enough to drink, add 3/8 cup to a clean, sterilized jar. Add the sea salt and essential oils and shake it up to combine!

To use: Put a tablespoon or so of the mixture in your mouth and swish it around gently, trying to keep it mainly in the area of the tooth that’s bothering you. 45 seconds or so ought to do the trick. Then spit it out! Don’t swallow it!! You won’t want to, anyway… it does NOT taste good.

The remedy will feel best if you use it while it’s warm. This is easy the first time, but you’ll need to reheat the mixture when you use it later or just use it at room temperature – don’t heat it too much, though, as this can damage the effectiveness of the essential oils.

You don’t have to store the jar in the refrigerator, and in fact, I wouldn’t – because then it would be cold and it would hurt to use! The drastic change in temperature that would occur by reheating and refrigerating multiple times would also damage the essential oils. Keep it in your cupboard, out of light.

This remedy uses a lot of essential oils. I try to always make my recipes using a small amount of EOs, because they are so effective that you really don’t need to use a lot. You also always want to be on the safe side and use the “smallest effective dose” so to speak to avoid sensitization.

But tooth pain is nothing to joke around about and this is meant to be a very temporary remedy to hold you over until you can see a dentist.

It definitely helped me feel a bit better until I was able to get in.. and I’m hoping I never need to use it again!

Buy Supplies:

Have you ever had painful dental problems? What has helped you?

Natural living is not anti-science.

There are countless communities on social media that exist for the sole purpose of mocking and belittling food activists, health bloggers, and other people working to bring issues with our food and medical system to light. Even highly trained professionals are attacked if their beliefs venture outside of the status quo of the moment. I’ve been aware of these groups for some time – every few months someone I’m connected to gets blasted, so I check out the discussion. I’ve noticed a few themes with what these people seem to believe: People who choose natural living aren't rejecting science. They're rejecting being experimented on. People who choose natural living are choosing to use methods that ARE proven over thousands of years as opposed to the methods that have only been around for decades.

  • Natural/organic is all just a marketing ploy.
  • Anyone who discusses herbal medicine is “woo” and believes in magic.
  • You have no right to speak into these issues if you don’t have X degree, regardless of your education and independent study.
  • Anyone who questions or moderates the use of GMOs or drugs is irrational and anti-science.

It’s all so bizarre to me because when you look at the studies (DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! DO IT YOURSELF! PLEASE!!!) it’s obvious:

The rise is pesticide usage is linked to developmental disorders in children, cancer, digestive issues, and other health problems.

The current vaccine schedule has led to an increase in vaccine-related disorders and injuries. I mean, that sentence is annoying for me to even write because it’s OBVIOUS.

“That’s the thing about science, you don’t have to believe it for it to be to be true.”

Have you seen this quote floating around? Probably. It irritates me to no end because it’s absurd. “Science” has been “wrong” about a lot of things, because science is a process of collecting information and it takes time. That’s fine. But blindly accepting whatever scientists are currently speculating is not thinking critically.

Scientists once thought the world was flat.

Scientists used to say smoking was great for your lungs.

I could go on.

It’s fine! Scientists are human and they make mistakes. Most of them are doing great work that’s going to help humanity over the long haul. But think critically! Especially when it comes to your family’s health.

People who choose natural living aren’t rejecting science. They’re rejecting being experimented on. People who choose natural living are choosing to use methods that ARE proven over thousands of years as opposed to the methods that have only been around for decades.

So which side is behaving irrationally?

Staying Healthy in Survival Mode

Have you ever been in survival mode?

Maybe when you just had a baby, or there was an illness in the family. Maybe there was a crazy week at work.

I think we all end up in survival mode at some point (several times!) in life.

Survival mode is when it gets easy to eat cereal 3 times a day. We might start buying our bread again instead of making it at home. The laundry piles up. The layer of crumbs on the floor thickens. The kids are stir-crazy from maaaaaaybe a little too much TV.

I’ve been there a million times, and I’m there right now! I never would have guessed that being away from my house for three days would shake my routine up the way it has. It’s certainly not my first time in survival mode and I’m grateful to realize that I’ve learned a lot about maintaining a healthy lifestyle… even when life is crazy. We've all been (or will be) in survival mode with our families. Here's how to stay healthy during the crazy seasons!

Simplify Food

It’s so easy to slip into eating processed garbage when things get hectic, but it’s not worth it! It will only make you and the rest of your family feel like crap and screw things up even more. There are a couple ways you can simplify healthy eating and the one you choose will depend on where you’re at right now.

If you are not in survival mode right now, and are just reading this post to stash away the knowledge for the future, you should start stashing meals in your freezer. It’s easy. Just make double of whatever you’re doing for dinner for a few nights and pop the leftovers in the freezer. When a busy night rolls around, you can pull it out to heat + eat.

If you are in survival mode, don’t worry: there are actually a lot of convenience options available now that are completely wholesome and nourishing. These foods are just READY to eat as soon as you buy them! A few favorites:

  • Food for Life bread is usually found in the freezer section of the “health” aisle – you’ll know how that translates in your grocery store. These breads are EXCELLENT. They have a sprouted version that I love and some awesome tortillas, including a gluten-free version.
  • Hemp hearts – these yummy little seeds are so nutritious, and it’s really easy to sprinkle them on salads, cereals, and yogurt to upgrade it to superfood status.
  • Wild-caught salmon. It’s so rich in healthy fats and protein and there’s endless ways to build a meal around it. Throw it in a soup to health-it-up, on a salad, or make a sandwich. Easy. Patagonia Provisions salmon is one brand I love – it’s sustainably harvested wild-caught salmon that comes in packets perfect for a family of 3. (Yeah, I need two!)
  • TeeChia cereals. So if you’re going to go with cereal for meals, this is a good brand to go with. It’s all natural and has a ton of super grains, with dried berries and nuts or seeds, depending on the flavor you get. So good!

And not everything from scratch is time consuming:

  • Yogurt. Probiotics are your friend right now! And it’s just so easy – it’s already ready to go, or you can add fruit, nuts, seeds, or grains to bulk it up and make it more of a meal.
  • Lentils. I loooooove lentils. You can make them with rice super quick – no soaking required.
  • Soak oats: Put oats, water, a dollop of yogurt in a covered bowl on your counter before you go to bed. Breakfast is done!

Don’t get sucked into eating out every night while this is going on. You’ll save money by just buying the healthy “convenience” stuff. And you’ll feel so much better when you get through the insane season.


If you’re in survival mode, it’s safe to say you’re probably stressed. Your immune system needs babying right now to keep you well. Good nutrition is the key to that, but supplements can fill in the gaps.

  • Nordic naturals has an omega supplement that helps the body respond to stress in a healthy way. Athletes take it – it helps your brain, your heart, and your immune system.
  • A good multivitamin. I take Opti-women, which has an antioxidant blend as well as whole-food sources of nutrients. Again – filling in the gaps.

Let Some Things Go

You need to do a certain amount of nothing in order to remain physically and mentally healthy. It really is okay if the dishes pile up a bit or if your child’s face goes unwashed for a while after dinner. AT ALL COSTS, find 20 minutes somewhere to just sit and do nothing. Your sanity is at stake!

Clean the Basics

When I don’t have time to keep the whole house clean, I try to just keep the living room floor picked up (mostly so I don’t go crazy from the visual clutter), the bathroom wiped down, clothes clean (forget folded), and the kitchen straight. The kitchen is the hardest for me, but we haven’t gotten food poisoning to date.

The point is, don’t go moving the refrigerator around or anything like that right now.

Ask for Help!

Nobody can do it all, all the time! It’s okay to ask for help. I am blessed with an awesome mom AND mama-in-law who are always willing to come watch my kids. They usually get really crazy and wash some dishes and fold some clothes while they’re here. I’m spoiled rotten! Do you have family nearby that you can reach out to? A church friend? Another mom with older kids who need service opportunities? ;) Just ask, and try to return the favor when you can.

Sometimes getting help might even just be hiring someone to come clean your house for a couple hours or mow the lawn. Do what you have to do!

Have you ever been in survival mode? How have you made it through?

Herbal Remedies for Women

I’ve written about helpful herbs during pregnancy, but there are also herbal remedies for women across other walks of life. As our healthcare system becomes increasingly expensive and complicated, people are turning to herbal medicine – especially women, who tend to make the healthcare decisions for their families.

Good! Herbal remedies for female health, including PMS, menopause, stress, headaches, etc.

Herbal medicine has been used effectively for millenia. While pharmaceuticals have their place, herbs are often more ecological, more accessible, and just as effective with fewer side effects.

Whenever anyone in my family (myself included) is sick or in need of medical care, I always reach for natural solutions first. I feel so much better when we put natural, usually plant-based medicines into our bodies rather than those that were concocted in a science lab. While I’m definitely not opposed to using modern medicine when necessary, I do think that most of the mainstream drugs on the market should be reserved for very specific circumstances. I also think our bodies are already pretty amazing at protecting and healing themselves for the most part!

Covered here are accessible, low-risk herbs for women. Most of these should be available through Mountain Rose Herbs or your local health food store.

Stress + Insomnia

I have never, ever met a woman who hasn’t dealt with stress or anxiety at some point. We have a lot on our shoulders! While there are definitely lifestyle habits to consider if stress is an ongoing issue, there are some herbs that are known to help.

  • Chamomile tea is one of the most widely known and confirmed herbal preparations to promote relaxation.
  • Lavender essential oil has been my go-to for managing stress.

Heart Health

Did you know that more women die from heart disease each year than men? I was so surprised to learn this! Women should take extra care to promote heart health. Beyond the fun stuff like drinking a glass of red wine a day and getting plenty of exercise, you can promote heart health with flax, olive oil, avocado, as well as herbs like:

  • Garlic
  • Cayenne
  • Ginkgo biloba


I’m not here yet, but older women I’ve spoken with have confirmed the effectiveness of


  • Black cohosh is also helpful for avoiding mood issues during PMS.
  • Nettle is rich in minerals that ease cramping. It’s also rich in iron, which menstruating women need plenty of in order to avoid anemia.
  • Ginseng is a powerful energizing herb that can be helpful for women who experience fatigue.


I usually turn to essential oils for headache relief, basing my choice on the time of day due to the side effects. I’ll use:

I’ll usually either diffuse essential oil for headaches or use a drop in a small amount of carrier for facial massage, focusing on my temples.

Cancer Prevention

With our increasing toxic load, cancer rates are rising – women are exposed to cancer-causing compounds in our food, our personal care products, our makeup… it’s wise to try to avoid these ingredients. Getting intentional about antioxidants can help lighten the load as well. Rich sources of antioxidant include:

  • green tea
  • rose hips
  • rosemary
  • oregano
  • sage
  • thyme
  • coffee

A tea made from fresh leaves is ideal, but a supplement containing antioxidant-rich herbs is helpful, too. I personally take the Opti-women brand, which contains an antioxidant herbal blend. Easy!

Have you heard of any other herbal remedies for women?


3 Times I Cried At Shiftcon + Why I’m Going Back

I attended Shiftcon over the past weekend and had no idea what I was getting into.

I thought I’d be eating organic food, connecting with other green bloggers, and going home with a bunch of free non-toxic loot.

Well – I was right about all that, but what I didn’t know was that Shiftcon was an absolute information and emotional tsunami.

Here are 3 things that made me cry at Shiftcon:

Bloggers Kylie Worthington and Tamara Mannelly at Rethink The Pink in Los Angeles, CA
Me and Tamara, one of the lovely ladies behind OhLardy.com, at the #RethinkThePink reception. We were COORDINATING, which I swear was not even intentional. #fate
  1. Robyn O’Brien. This woman!!! She’s an absolute inspiration. After seeing what processed foods did to her child, she started digging for information within the food industry. I relate to her so much, since Mercury’s reaction to food dyes is what originally led me to start eating cleaner in our household. Even though she met a powerful force of resistance, she pushed on and is sharing what she’s uncovered with the world. Watch her TED talk to learn more about our food system and her work.
  2. Our land is becoming saturated with synthetic pesticides. Since the introduction of GMO crops, pesticide use has increased tenfold. The implications of this are sobering, as pesticide-related health issues (of which children, farmers, and rural families are most at risk – hits close to home) rise and environmental impacts (superweeds, anyone?) come to light.
  3. There is a passionate group of people who care more about you than you realize. I met so many, many incredible people who are on a mission to use their voice to improve this world for everyone. We came from all walks of life with the shared belief that everyone deserves healthy food that isn’t covered in poison. The motivator? Not money, not connections, not corporate interest. Love. Love for their families and fellow citizens.

While it was definitely an emotional roller-coaster, it was for the best reason: doing what’s right. Spreading the truth. My love-cup is filled and with the plans I came away with, I’m already looking forward to receiving and giving that support next year. Everyone is saying it’s going to be twice as big – knowing the lady behind it all, that probably means at least triple ;)

But that’s okay, because love is infinite.


Maintaining Wellness During Travel

I’m heading to Shiftcon soon (I’ll be there tomorrow!! Eeee!) and I’m trying to ensure that I’ll stay well so I don’t miss out on any of the fun! Here are some tips I’m using to maintain wellness during travel – you’ll find them helpful, too, if you’ll be travelling in the months ahead.  


  1. Boost your immune system. When we travel, we’re exposed to tons of foreign viruses and germs, especially while flying. Help your immune system keep up by getting plenty of vitamin C, whether in tablet form or by eating citrus fruits. Echinacea is another supplement that is effective in warding off illnesses. Also, green tea is rich and antioxidants– drinking 1 or 2 cups a day can help take some of the stress off your immune system.
  2. Don’t skimp on rest. There is always so much to see and do when visiting a new place, but be sure to schedule in some sleep. Your body needs plenty of sleep in order for your immune system to function properly. If jet lag is a problem, melatonin is a natural sleep inducer that you can buy in nearly any vitamin aisle.
  3. Wash your hands! This is the simplest thing you can do to keep from getting sick while travelling. Wash your hands often, especially before and after eating.
  4. Limit the booze. Overindulging in alcohol severely disables your immune system, not to mention the viruses and germs flying around any given bar. Do your body good and limit yourself to a drink or two when you go out.
  5. Eat well. I’m at a serious advantage this weekend, as the food provided at Shiftcon is all going to be healthy and fresh – that’s definitely not always the case, though! Don’t rely solely on restaurants when you travel – hit up the grocery store and load up on produce, nuts and seeds, and other healthy things you can eat with little or no prep.

Do you tend to fall ill more easily when you travel?

Get ahead in the kitchen + reduce waste – by using your freezer!

I love my freezer.

Whenever I’m at a loss for how to use something up before it goes bad, I stop thinking and pop it in the freezer.

When I have an abundance of a certain vegetable and my family gets sick of it before the end is in sight, I throw the rest in the freezer.

hot peppers
Abundance of peppers? Chop those babies up and have fresh peppers to throw in chilis and sauces all year!

Freezing food is the perfect solution to avoid wasting it, to save money, and even to get ahead in the kitchen!

For example, we had cheesy bean + rice burritos the other night. We had enough cheesy beans and rice leftover for our family to have for lunch, but had eaten all the tortillas. We like to eat beans and rice alone, too, but I knew the kids would probably complain about the lack of tortillas if I tried to serve it the very next day. ;)

So I put it in my freezer! It’s there for us whenever we need a quick lunch to heat and eat.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my crazy pile of squash yesterday. You better believe some of that will make its way into the freezer!

I often purposely make way too much food (which is harder than you might think in this house full of boys) so that I can freeze some. It’s awesome to be able to pull out frozen leftovers that I can just heat up on busy days rather than resort to less healthy, less sustainable convenience foods. This works especially well for:

Freeze food to get ahead + reduce waste!
Yes, you can freeze homemade bread!

  • Chili
  • Taco/burrito fillings
  • Cooked chicken (love to toss it in soups and quick stir-frys)
  • Lasagna
  • Pancakes! Yes, if you can manage to make more pancakes than your family will eat, they freeze nicely!
  • Homemade bread. Yes! Though you want to eat it right away after taking it out, as I’ve noticed it doesn’t stay fresh for long after thawing.

Freezing food is just one of the many tasks I’m making a habit as part of the #EcoEats with Green is Universal. Take the #EcoEats challenge!

If you want to learn more about ‘eco-eating,’ check out NBC’s Green is Universal! They’re hosing an “Eco Eats” sweepstakes from September 29 – October 17. You can join by their free green-living tool, One Small Act, and join the “Eco Eatschallenge. It’s an awesome tool that shows how the power of community makes it easier for us all to take these small steps to better our world.

Everyone who signs-up and tackles at least one action by October 17th will be entered to win one of five 6-month subscriptions to NatureBox! No Purchase Necessary. Must be US resident and 18+. Read official rules here.

Note: In exchange for participating in the challenge and writing this post, I was given a gift package from Green is Universal. All opinions here are still 100% my own, as always. :)

See what other bloggers are doing as part of the challenge!

I’m not “lucky” to stay home with my kids, I worked hard to make it happen.

I remember the first time someone told me how “lucky” I was to be able to stay at home with my kids. I think my eye might have twitched a little bit, but I kept my mouth shut. lucky

It was the lady who worked at the post office. I was picking up 4 days worth of mail, and because I’m a blogger that includes a lot of packages of things for me to review and/or consider mentioning. I apologized for the pile-up, throwing in a comment about how it’s hard to make it during office hours with my husband away for basic training and a baby to take care of. I didn’t mention the blossoming freelance career or the fact that someone close to me was in the process of a literal mental breakdown. I mean, this is the post office lady and a 5-minute conversation, you know?

“Oh, but you’re so lucky to stay home with him.”

I honestly don’t even remember what I stammered, because I was so mad. I just excused myself like a Good Introvert and Said Nothing Because I Couldn’t Say Anything Nice.

But what I thought was…

No, I’m not “lucky.” My husband and I actually work really, really hard to set up our lives this way.

What I thought was…

Oh!! I’m LUCKY that I haven’t seen my husband in 3 months because he’s been across the country training for a career to provide for our family??

What I thought was…

I don’t really feel “lucky” to stay up until 2 am writing articles at $15 a pop just to make ends meet as we start our family.

Blessed? Yes. Immeasurably blessed with the opportunities to make this work.

But it’s not “luck.” It’s hard, hard work each and every day to keep this all running.

Because it’s important to us to be the ones teaching our kids.

It’s more important to us to have that time with the than it is to go on vacations and buy top-dollar clothes and have a brand new vehicle.

It’s not luck. It’s intention.

And what that looks like practically is:

  • Living in a 1 bedroom apartment until our first child was 2 years old.
  • Eating rice and beans for extended periods of time.
  • Humbled trips to the food bank when unexpected car repairs came up and the budget didn’t quite work.
  • Never, ever getting credit cards because we KNOW it would send us on a downward spiral.
  • Now living in a 107 year-old house because it’s what we can afford without going into debt.
  • Staying up until 2AM working on our business to prepare a future for our family.

I know we’re not alone in this. I know that even you mamas who don’t freelance or run a business alongside raising your family work hard. Just the day-to-day laundry and dishes and food are enough work to constitute a full time job.

I know that.

And that’s why I can’t stand when women tell other women that they’re lucky to do this.

Especially older women – because they should know better.

It’s not luck. It’s hard work.

But it’s GLORIOUS work – so – keep on keepin’ on, mama.

I’m an Etsian at heart. <3

Those of you who’ve been around here for a good long while (in internet years, anyway) know that I started this blog to promote my Etsy shop.

THEN, I took a break from my shop while continuing to write for the blog.

THEN, the break turned into a “hiatus.”

THEN, the break turned into calling it quits until further notice.

I can’t say I have any regrets, because that time was all spent having and raising babies, writing, and learning how to be a wife.

But… as I’m getting that stuff figured out… I feel it’s finally time to dip my toes back into the Etsy world.

And so I put up my very first listing tonight – for raw fair trade shea butter that you can use for ALL SORTS OF THINGS!

Shea butter is one of nature’s most versatile gifts – with a range of uses, including: fair trade shea butter

-lip moisturizing
-burn relief
-tattoo care
-skin moisturizing

Think of it as coconut oil’s sturdier sister. :)

More listings are coming… and I know I’m committing a big sin in the Etsy world.

You need to have LOTS of items in your shops to get lots of sales!

I’m sure (heck, I know) that advice is sound – but the truth is, I don’t really care about getting a lot of sales from my Etsy shop right now. I just want to offer products that can help people get started with natural, nontoxic skincare. That’s where my heart is.

Like I said – more is coming. Next on my list is several balms: tea tree balm, lavender balm, rosemary balm.

I’m also reformulating my serums and will be offering those at some point.

I’d LOVE to hear what else you guys want me to work on! I want to spend my time making what you all will truly love!

To you longtime readers – I love you. Truly. I wouldn’t still be doing this if it weren’t for your comments, emails, questions. This blog is truly a labor of love and all of that comes from YOU, not me. Thank you. <3

Leave comments, for the love of GOD, so I don’t feel all mushy for no reason!! xo