What happened when I got over myself and replaced fear with love.

Fear used to drive everything I did.

Fear that I wouldn’t be accepted my others led me to cut others down to make myself look better. It led me to say whatever it took and do whatever it took to belong.

Fear that I would never have enough led me to steal what wasn’t mine and constantly lust after things – always wanting more, and more, and more.

Fear that I was messing it all up – for myself, for my kids, for EVERYONE led me to question every decision I made, always doubting, fretting, second-guessing and not really getting anywhere.

Something powerful happened when I realized that LOVE ALWAYS WINS.

Fear made me hate myself. Love helps me realize that… there’s more important things to do.

There’s only so much I can screw up. Love is gonna win anyway.

And suddenly, it all makes sense.

I replaced fear with love and stopped comparing myself to others, because I’m enough and they’re enough and my only job is do do what I know to be right in any given moment, which is love. It’s always love.

I replaced fear with love and I stopped judging others because none of us have it all together and that’s okay. I started extending the grace that I’m so grateful to receive and realizing that there are so many things I do wrong that I DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT. It’s true for everyone and grace is the only solution.

I replaced fear with love and I stopped gossiping about people because what other people choose to do with their lives became irrelevant because now I was filled with purpose and hope and…. love.

I replaced fear with love and made beautiful connections with souls who uplift and don’t tear down.

I stopped acting like everything is fine all the time, because frankly, LIFE IS INSANE and sometimes I need to cry, but that’s okay and I’m still enough.

Basically, my entire life blossomed when I stopped poisoning my soul with fear and instead nourishing it with love.

I replaced fear with love and I stopped gossiping about people because what other people choose to do with their lives became irrelevant because now I was filled with purpose and hope and.... love.
I replaced fear with love and I stopped gossiping about people because what other people choose to do with their lives became irrelevant because now I was filled with purpose and hope and…. love.

I replaced fear with love and everything changed.

But suddenly it became uncomfortable to be around a lot of people in my life. Apparently one of the favorite past times of a lot of people I know is to talk shit about all the people we know.

And the fear was back:

“What are they saying about me? How are they judging ME? Because they obviously ARE… they judge EVERYONE.”

So I replaced it with love:

I remember how painful it was to live this way. I remember how anxious I was all the time. How can I love this person right now?”

And it led to doing things life shifting the conversation in a more positive direction. Sticking up for people who are being shit-talked. Doing my absolute best to uplift whoever I’m with.

Is it executed perfectly? Of course not. I have days - LORD, DO I HAVE DAYS.

But I’m doing my best and that’s enough.

And it’s an easy mantra to live by:

“How can I love right now?”

How I Use Essential Oils to FOCUS (my ritual for mental clarity)

Sometimes I find myself completely scatter-brained and unable to really accomplish anything. I flit around from task to task, exhaust myself, and have nothing to show for it.

When I catch myself in that mode, I have a little ritual that snaps me back pretty consistently. And yes, it’s just one of the many times I reach for my essential oils to help me out.

Whenever I find myself scatterbrained, these EOs help me snap back and focus! Essential oils for focus www.everblossom.net


Essential Oils for Focus

My absolute favorite combo of essential oils for focus is rosemary + peppermint. Both oils are so energizing and clarifying, and the combo of the 2 smells so herby and fresh.

There are other oils essential oils for mental clarity you can use too, though – these are all good for mental clarity so just choose the ones that you like best. My favorite essential oil blend for mental clarity is rosemary + peppermint. www.everblossom.net

  • Rosemary
  • Peppermint
  • Clary sage
  • Basil
  • Eucalyptus
  • Ginger
  • Bergamot

Some sources swear by citrus oils like grapefruit, lemon, and orange for mental alertness as well – but I haven’t found them to be as helpful as herbal oils. Have you ever used those? How have they worked for you?

Using Essential Oils for Mental Clarity

There are a few ways to use essential oils for focus. The simplest way is to add oils to an oil warmer (this one is SO cute + only 10 bucks!).You can also use a diffuser.

I also love the concept of essential oil diffuser necklaces – Amanda from Refocus On Being has a really lovely tutorial for a diffuser locket that I’m going to try when I have the supplies.

You can also add 20 drops of oil(s) to 1 ounce of witch hazel and 1 ounce of water for a simple aroma spray that you can spritz for an instant boost.

And to keep things really simple… you can just take a whiff of your EO bottle too!

My “Snap Back to Focus” Ritual for Mental Clarity

When I catch myself being spacey and just sort of shuffling through without actually accomplishing anything, there are a few things I’ve started doing. Without fail, these quick tips help me feel so much better right away!

  1. Turn my phone on silent.
  2. Add essential oils to an oil warmer.
  3. Drink a glass of water with lemon or apple cider vinegar.
  4. Set the kids up with a snack and an activity. (Many times, I get overwhelmed and then realize it’s because the kids are stir-crazy and just running around aimlessly being noisy. That’s all in good fun sometimes, but I often don’t have direction until I give them direction!)
  5. Straighten up the room I’m working in. Clutter drives me nuts – a very quick tidy-up (literally, like 5 minutes is all) helps tremendously.
  6. Prioritize. Next, I take a look at my Teux Deux list and figure out what the most important thing on there for me to do next is. If it’s on the computer, I close out all tabs and programs except for what I need to do that task. If it’s something around the house, I settle in right away to do that task, setting a timer for the amount of time I think it will take. When I’m trying to beat the timer, it’s easier to stay on task.

Nothing completely groundbreaking here, but it’s what works for me!

Do you ever have a hard time staying focused? How do you like to “snap back?”

Double Duty Detox Smoothie

If you keep up with my blatherings on Facebook, you now I’ve been feeling like junk all year so far. About a week ago, I started the DETOX process – eating super clean, drinking lots of water, and taking detox baths. It is definitely helping but I’m still not 100% at my best.

It seems I really did some damage to my body over the last couple of months of being completely off track with my diet. Processed foods, sugar, and way too much pizza made their way back into my lifestyle over the holidays and my tummy and energy levels are showing it BIG time.

Was it worth it?? Um, no. Not in the least. Lesson learned!

While it can be a little difficult to completely overhaul your diet in one go, that’s what I’ve been trying to do. I need to get back to my energized, do-all-the-things self!

This smoothie is jam-packed with antioxidants and probiotics to energize you + aid the detox process!

Smoothies help so much – they’re easy to make, and they can really pack a punch of vitamins, nutrients + antioxidants. This has been my go-to blend lately. I love it for breakfast (I’m not a huge morning eater) and for energizing “boosts” in place of the copious amounts of coffee I normally drink.

I love this smoothie because it works “double duty” with probiotics to aid gut health and a TON of antioxidants to fight free radicals. It’s a keeper for sure!

Just blend it all up and you’re good to go:

1 cup berries (I use the antioxidant blend from Costco’s frozen section. You can use whatever berries you want! All berries are rich in antioxidants. The rule of thumb is darker color = more antioxidants.) Just a few ingredients in this detox smoothie!

1 cup flax milk (I’m using Good Karma’s vanilla flax milk. Almond milk would be delicious here, too!)

1 packet of hemp protein

1 packet of chia seeds

1/2 cup kombucha (I got the idea to add kombucha to my smoothie from Emily at Recipes to Nourish and I absolutely LOVE it!! It adds a tiny bit of fizz and “kick” as well as all the wonderful probiotic benefits from the booch. Winner.)

1/2 cup water** (I add lots of liquid to my smoothies because I like to have a lot to sip on. You could totally skip this if you like thicker smoothies.)

I find this smoothie both filling and super refreshing! The chia and hemp add protein and are both loaded with antioxidants, so both are perfect for this detox smoothie. Give it a try any time you need a little boost of energy or to help recover from toxic overload.

How to Do a Media Cleanse

I can’t even count how many times I’ve hopped on Facebook to send someone a quick message, only to see an awesome recipe I want to check out, a question I could chime in on in a blogger group, an inspiring post that I need to “like,” a project that I need to pin, and a funny post from a friend that I need to comment on.

I get all off track and end up closing Facebook to move on to the next task when I realize I never even sent the message I jumped on to send in the first place.

Can you relate? Welcome to the 21st century. I'm already noticing so many benefits of doing a media cleanse - here's how to do it.

Doing a media cleanse is something I’m working on and I want to share how I’m going about it. I think this will help me achieve a lot of my goals – I’m already noticing so many benefits of doing a media cleanse:

  • more mental clarity
  • less wasted time
  • more intention with social media use
  • better organization
  • more positive messages

5 Ways to Clean Up Your Online Life

Clean up your social media profiles. This is probably the most time-consuming step of the whole list, but it’s crazy important, since social media can be such a huge time-suck.

  • Unlike, unfriend, unfollow all the brands and people that no longer resonate with you or that put more negativity than positivity.
  • Check out your “about me” sections while you’re at it – do they still represent you well? Have you grown or changed since writing them?
  • Turn push notifications off on your phone for social media, unless there’s a truly good reason why you need them on. Make a commitment to check in on social media at certain times rather than being “on call” all day, every day.
  • Be very intentional with the conversations you choose to participate in. Just because you CAN comment, doesn’t mean you SHOULD comment.

Create lists on your social media profiles. Did you know that you can create lists on Twitter and Facebook? I’m dreaming of the day you can do the same on Pinterest and Instagram, too. Lists help you group content so that you can be more intentional with your browsing.

For example, you can make a list for “family members” and a list for celebrities you like and a list for bloggers who write about aromatherapy and a list for colleagues or business contacts.

Use Unroll.me to streamline your email inbox. Seriously. So good. You can use unroll.me to unsubscribe to things you no longer need and also to “roll up” emails that don’t need individual attention. So instead of getting a million sales emails and newsletters a day, you can roll them up and just get one email to scan and read what you need to. I hope they add the function to create multiple “rollups,” since I would love to have separate emails for sales, blog newsletters, and blog comments, but I still really appreciate the service the way it is.

Change your homepage to something that is not a news site. What currently serves as your homepage? The news or social media? That’s a sure way to start off your browsing sessions with a ton of distractions. Right now, I have Teux Deux set as my homepage, which isn’t really my favorite solution, but at least it’s intentional. I would really like to create a page of inspirational quotes and images and set that as my homepage, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Reassess how you spend your browsing time. Are you wandering the web aimlessly or purposely seeking out information on a topic you actually want to learn more about? Try to get in the habit of putting your blinders on when going online and just doing what you set out to do without getting lost in clicktopia. Pocket is super helpful for saving links to read later.

This probably seems like a lot of work, and it is. But all this really will help you have a more peaceful online experience and more mental clarity in general.

I'm already noticing so many benefits of doing a media cleanse - here's how to do it.

Online Mini-Cleanse

If you need clarity now, though – and you need to get to all this cleansing later – there is a more simple way, too. Ready?

  1. Shut off your phone.
  2. Shut off your computer.
  3. Shut off your TV.

When you adjust to the sensation of NOT absorbing information at warp speed, do something else. Do something slow. Cook something, and really enjoy being there cooking it. Walk out into your yard and be mindful of how the fresh air feels and smells. Play a game with your little ones. Create something. Write.

The world is yours, my friend!

Best of Everblossom – 2014

It’s been an amazing year!

I think I’ve experience and written more in the last year than I have in any other in my life… at least in a good way. :)

We got settled into a new (but really very old) home, grew our business like crazy, started “officially” homeschooling. I connected with literally hundreds of new people.  lavender

Looking back, it has been a very tiring year. My health isn’t where I want to it to be in many ways. If I have any regrets at all it’s that “balance” was not a focus for me at all, especially when it should have been.

But I learned so much. About myself and about what I’m put on this earth to do. About how I can really love my family well and be a good friend. I’m learning. I’m getting there.

It means:

….saying “no” to some of the opportunities that come my way but aren’t really meant for me.

….saying “yes” to FUN more often, even when it’s not “productive.”

….prioritizing my family with both my energy and my love.

….remembering that God has a better plan than I could ever DREAM of.

….writing more.

….being still.

….being okay with the messiest parts of myself.


This blog grew like crazy too. Not surprisingly, your favorite posts were about essential oils! You guys are so predictable.

These 7 got the most traffic, social lovin’, and comments in 2014:

Funny enough, these were also pretty much my favorite posts to put together. Go figure! I guess that makes planning next year pretty easy. :)

Bloom forever, sweet friends! xo