The Many Uses for Tea Tree Oil

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There are so many uses for tea tree oil that make it pretty handy to have in your kit!

Household Uses

You can use tea tree oil to clean EVERYTHING. I put about 20 drops in a 4 oz. spray bottle and filled the rest with water (boil the water first to sterilize!). I use it on the counters, the high chair, the floor, the entire bathroom and on and on and on. It doesn't stain the carpet and it doesn't give me a headache (bleach, i'm looking at you with my grumpy face) and the smell makes you feel like you live in a rain forest. I've read that tea tree oil really fights mold like a champ too, but I haven't had the chance to investigate for myself… I suppose that's a good thing.

Cosmetic Uses

I already described how happy tea tree oil makes my skin. As I said, my skin can be really sensitive, especially when I travel or am under a lot of stress. I even get cystic acne once in a blue moon, and that's just the worst. Depending on how serious the situation is, I either mix a couple drops with my moisturizer or just apply it directly to the mess on my face. It never takes more than a day to start looking better. Amazing!
Medicinal Uses

Besides the health benefits of killing harmful bacteria and viruses, tea tree oil is a good one to keep in the medicine cabinet. Here are some of tea tree oil's medicinal uses:


  • For congestion: add tea tree oil to any moisturizer and rub it on your chest for a natural alternative to Vicks VapoRub. Alternatively, use tea tree oil in a vaporizer or in a bath.
  • Cuts and scrapes: Rub tea tree oil or a TTO-water solution on cuts and scrapes to prevent infection.
  • Ear infection: Put a drop or two of tea tree oil in the ear to fight the infection. If you're prone to ear infection, this can also be a preventative measure – yay!
  • Yeast Infection: Adding 4 to 6 drops of TTO in a bath can be effective against vaginal yeast infections.
  • Lice & Dandruff: Adding TTO to shampoo can cure dandruff and get rid of lice.
There are other uses as well – tea tree oil can also be used to treat bug bites, diaper rash, warts and ear mites in pets. There's no question about why it's come to be known as a “medicine chest in a bottle!”
While some essential oils are safe to be used in cooking, TTO is not one of them. It should never be added to teas or taken internally in any way.

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  1. LOVE teatree oil. Thanks for the advice on other uses.

    Steph x

  2. I keep hear good things about it but I can never find it anywhere. Where did you get yours from?

  3. i’ve linked to your site on my blog! very impressed. tea tree oil soap has done wonders for my own acne-prone skin at aged 26.

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