15 Crazy-Simple Olive Oil Beauty Uses

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Don’t you you just love discovering fun new ways to use a household staple? Olive oil doesn’t disappoint. In fact, here are fifteen ways to sue olive oil in your routine for all-natural, super-frugal beautification! 1. Remove your makeup. Rub a … Continued

Herbal Vitamin C Spray

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I love finding new ways to use herbs and when I set out to craft a chlorine-neutralizing Vitamin C spray for Scratch Mommy, I knew I wanted to go the herbal route. Rosehips didn’t disappoint! The best part is, this … Continued

Bladder Leakage During Pregnancy

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Even though it’s not talked about all that often, bladder leakage during pregnancy is totally normal. I didn’t really experience it during my first pregnancy, but I definitely did during my second and third pregnancies! Any time I laughed, sneezed, … Continued

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