DIY Roll On Herbal Deodorant

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I’ve been testing and perfecting this recipe for weeks and I’m thrilled to have arrived at a final product! Don’t be alarmed by the amount of time I invested, though, because this herbal roll on deodorant is actually quite simple to … Continued

10 Sugar + Salt Scrub Recipes You’ll LOVE!

  Why Exfoliate? Sugar and salt scrubs gently slough away dead cells to brighten your complexion and even out your skin-tone. Scrubs made from natural, nourishing ingredients do so while also delivering important fats and nutrients to your skin! Scrub … Continued

How to Make Green Tea Extract

Green tea has been hailed by many as one of today’s super foods, and with good reason! Studies have shown its health benefits range from improved brain function to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and decreased risk of Type … Continued

DIY Hyperpigmentation Serum

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I get so many questions about specific skincare issues ~ it seems everyone would prefer to use plant-based products. I like this trend! I’ve written about using tea tree oil for acne, blending other essential oils for acne, and countless … Continued

15 Crazy-Simple Olive Oil Beauty Uses

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Don’t you you just love discovering fun new ways to use a household staple? Olive oil doesn’t disappoint. In fact, here are fifteen ways to sue olive oil in your routine for all-natural, super-frugal beautification! 1. Remove your makeup. Rub a … Continued

Herbal Vitamin C Spray

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I love finding new ways to use herbs and when I set out to craft a chlorine-neutralizing Vitamin C spray for Scratch Mommy, I knew I wanted to go the herbal route. Rosehips didn’t disappoint! The best part is, this … Continued

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