7 Reasons to Quit Sugar Now

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Health is a lifestyle—and as such, it’s not about one choice, but an ongoing combination of choices. Still, if I was held at gunpoint and forced to pinpoint just one nutritional decision that’s made the largest impact on my health (a … Continued

Adrenal Fatigue: Symptoms and Remedies

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If you’ve ever been under stress for a while and found yourself feeling tired and weak all the time for seemingly no good reason, there actually was a reason. Your body’s production of hormones is responsible for a large part … Continued

5 Herbs that Soothe Anxiety

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There is a lot of information – and misinformation – circulating about anti-anxiety herbs. There really are legitimate, herbs that soothe anxiety. At the same time, anxiety is not an insignificant disorder, and shouldn’t always be handled independently. Maintaining consistent communication about your … Continued

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