100 New Moon Rituals

Moon rituals aren't new by any means, but they are definitely making a comeback. Full moon and New moon rituals in particular are becoming more common. It makes sense that we might want... READ MORE

How to use herbs for grounding.

Herbal medicine is undergoing a dramatic resurgence as the health consciousness movement grows, as both a viable alternative to Western medicine and in response to increasing drug prices in the United States. With... READ MORE

10 bedtime rituals for healthy sleep

Sleep is one of the most important weapons in building a healthy lifestyle. If you'd like to enhance your overall wellness, it's important to put intention behind your bedtime ritual. Consider adding the following... READ MORE

Lavender Face Tonic

Using a toner is a crucial skincare step, but it's one people often skip. Toner helps to remove the excess dirt, oil, and makeup that usually builds up on your skin during the... READ MORE


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