10 better ways to cope with PMS

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Self care is key when it comes to managing PMS. If you dread symptoms of PMS, you are not alone. The best way to cope with symptoms of PMS is to combine doing things that address both your physical symptoms and your mental symptoms. Each of these ten solutions will help fight one or more symptoms of PMS.

1. Get plenty of rest – mentally & physically.

Leptin, one of the hormones responsible for regulating menstruation, is affected by sleep; without enough sleep, leptin levels dip. It's important to get enough sleep to prevent the body from shutting down.

2. Try using St. John's Wort.

St. John's Wort is a pain reliever and a mood booster.

3. Apply plenty of heat to your pelvic area.

Heating pads can be extremely useful for pelvic or back cramps. Or, a warm bath can do wonders.

4. Make this PMS Tonic Juice.

Full of fruits and veggies, Alisa Vitti says this juice will “reduce water retention, help your liver break down excess estrogen, and actually increase mood-stabilizing hormones.”

5. Get moving with your preferred exercise.

Getting your blood flowing is essential to relieving pelvic cramps that come with PMS. Yoga can be relaxing for your pelvic and back cramps as well as your mind. Exercise is also a great way to get your mind off your PMS symptoms.

6. Be sure to give yourself plenty of positive talk.

Try saying three things you love about yourself in a mirror.

7. Try unwinding with some red raspberry leaf tea.

Sipping on this warm tea will help smooth out period cramps.

8. Do things that make you happy.

Binge that T.V. show. Eat that candy bar. Soak in a warm bath while drinking tea while ignoring responsibilities.

9. Try using essential oils, like Clary Sage essential oil or a PMS blend essential oil.

These essential oils can help relieve and reduce menstrual cramps and relax the surrounding muscles.

10. Check out adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogenic herbs help create balance in your system. While these may not have immediate effect, adaptogenic herbs will help immensely if used consistently.


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