10 plants to clear negative energy

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Plants may be most often used to decorate a home or workspace, but most people don’t realize that certain ones can also be used to rid an area of negative energy. Consider these 10 plants if you’re seeking more positivity in your life.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are believed to help people prosper in a variety of ways: mentally, spiritually and physically. This type of plant improves positive energy by purifying air and neutralizing indoor gases that may be harmful. Peace lilies thrive best in dark or shady areas, like an office or a corner in your home. If you opt to put a peace lily in your bedroom, you may notice that you feel more tranquil at night and get a better night’s sleep.


Eucalyptus is commonly used to purify a home or a specific room of bad energy, especially if you’ve had conflicts with the people in your life, either physical, verbal or emotional. This plant helps to decongest any energy pathways that are clogged up at the moment, which can open you up to more success and healing.


Rosemary has several benefits to improve well-being, and it’s often considered medicinal, too. On top of being able to purify your home, it can also help improve your memory, make you feel calmer, beat anxiety, and help improve fatigue and insomnia. Consider placing a rosemary bush outside your front door


Jasmine is known to attract positive energy and to build stronger relationships, especially romantic ones. The sweet smell of jasmine may give you energy by soothing your mind and easing stress. If you’re going to keep your jasmine plant inside, put it close to a window that faces south. If you’re going to plant it in your garden, place it in either the northern or eastern part of the garden.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has healing and medicinal properties, but it’s also used to get rid of negative energy and bad luck. Additionally, it can get rid of pollutants in your home, and if there are too many harmful chemicals, you’ll notice brown spots on the leaves. To get a better night’s sleep thanks to improved air quality, keep an Aloe Vera plant in your bedroom.


If you know anything about Feng Shui, you’ve probably learned that orchids are commonly used to promote well-being and positive energy. During the night, orchids release oxygen, which can help you wake up feeling rested and balanced. You’ll also notice better energy in your home, and possibly even an increase in romance and love. Overall, orchids remove obstacles to happiness and love, creating a more serene and supportive place to live.



Cactus and succulents have become incredibly popular for decorating the home, but they’re also helpful when it comes to improving mood and getting rid of any feelings of ill will. Some also believe that succulents can absorb bad energy from the people in your life who may have bad intentions. With all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors of succulents, finding the one that’s perfect for your home will be easy.


For years, people in Europe and China have turned to oregano for medicinal purposes, as its been known to heal both physical and emotional wounds. Some people opt to wash the outside of their home with oregano tea in order to put up a barrier between themselves and bad energy.

Money Plant

Feng Shui also utilizes the money plant’s powers. This plant is believed to attract good luck, fortune and prosperity, while also limiting negativity and stress.


Basil is symbolic of love and fertility, and it’s also believed to protect the family. If you burn basil oil, you can get rid of any negativity in your home. You can also use basil if you want to avoid any clashes with others in your life, as it promotes sympathy.

In addition to providing your home or office with cleaner air, the greenery on this list also purify your surroundings by offering well-being and relieving stress.

Guest Post by Craig Scott


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  1. Zara Nor

    Really amazing choices. I have the peace lily in my room and office and trust me, it does more than just beautifying the room. It sure clears negative energy and keeps you alert.

  2. Tiffany James

    A friend also told me that Rosemary helps improve memory, reduce anxiety, and help improve fatigue and insomnia. This is a whole new experience for me and I can’t wait to try it out and share my thoughts

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