10 plants to include in a goth garden

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Your garden style should reflect your interest and personality. A goth garden can bring a unique romantic appeal that would rival the Victorian gardens of old. Any of the ten goth installations, listed below, in your garden design can be the unique elegant twist that draws admiration.

Black Magic Elephant Ears

Elephant Ears are typically used to add a tropical effect or as a focal point. They can be grown in full sun but prefer partial shade. Properly cared for this giant of a plant can grow up to nine feet tall.

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Hearts are a unique, heart-shaped flowering plant. This perennial plant prefers moist soil and shade. It will begin to turn yellow or brown before it dies back. Also called the Asian Bleeding Heart, it prefers the cooler temperature of spring and can grow up to three feet in height.

Black Iris

Black Iris is a true bearded beauty. It is easy to grow and requires well-draining soil. It can be planted in the fall since the root is a rhizome and will bloom in mid to late spring. It prefers full sun and will grow to a height of 40 inches.

Black Calla Lily

Black Calla Lily is easy to care for. This elegant flute will bloom in late spring and last throughout the summer. It prefers full sun but will grow in partial shade. Bulbs should be planted a foot apart and will grow up to three feet in height.


Succulents can add interesting texture and design to any garden space, whether indoor or outdoor. Some shapes display proportions of sacred geometry. Easy to care for, succulents handle drought areas very well. Goth garden appropriate suggestions include:

• Albuca Concordiana
• Echeveria Black Prince
• Spiral Aloe
• Sempervivum Black

Small Mushrooms

Mushrooms embody the origins behind the goth garden. The soil must have organic matter that is in a state of decay, like manure or compost. On the bright side, mushrooms will not harm other plants and may improve the growth of other plants around it.


Dahlias come in a variety of colors including black. Grown best in well-draining soil and full sun, this beauty can reach a height of five feet. The blooms can range between two to fifteen inches in diameter.

Weeping Redbud Ruby Falls

More of a tree than a plant, this draping dwarf greets you in the spring with lavender buds. The leaves are heart-shaped and range in color from dark green to maroon to dark purple. It will last throughout the year, even in winter. It can reach a maximum height of eight feet.

Velvet Glow Black Gladiolus

Although not completely black in color, the velvety deep red colored flowers offer a commanding presence. Standing up to 50 inches in height this easy to care for plant appears to stand guard over the garden below. It enjoys full sun, blooming in mid-summer for longer than four weeks.

Tulip Black Hero

Tulip Black Hero is black and purple in color. It enjoys full sun and will grow up to two feet at maturity. Blooming in late spring this flower is good for cutting to adorn indoor vases.


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