11 beautiful + creative dried flower crafts

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Got some dried flowers lying around? What do you do with them? Read on to learn about 10 dried flower craft projects you can make with dried or pressed flowers.

There's nothing quite like a beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers, right?

Unfortunately, this particular thing of beauty does not last forever — unless you're willing to get a little crafty!

Once your dozen roses lose their luster, you can breathe new life into them by using them to create something new but equally as lovely.

Not sure what to do with that recently withered wreath? We can help!

Here are ten fun and easy ways you can use your dried flowers to create something you'll be able to treasure long after your daisies die.

Pressed Flower Initials

Monograms make for fantastic, highly personalized gifts that are perfect for any occasion.

All you need to create beautiful shadowbox initials is an empty, picture frame or shadow box, a hot glue gun, and plenty of dried flowers and petals.

Trace in the letter you want to create, and glue in your flowers.

Mini Terrarium

Who wouldn't want a little secret garden for their desk?

Gather up a small terrarium, some decorative moss, and whatever dried flowers you'd like to use.

First, add a little moss to the bottom of the terrarium, then arrange your dried blossoms on top. If you're worried about anything shifting around, you can use hot glue to fasten things in place.
Handmade Paper

If you're feeling crafty, use rose petals to create some homemade paper that's sure to make your next love letter extra romantic.

If you're new to making paper, you can find a helpful how-to guide here.

Dried Flower Phone Case

Creating a unique phone case with flower petals is surprisingly easy.

All you need is a phone case, some super glue, craft-store resin, and some dried flowers.

Arrange your flowers however you like on the back of the case and use the super glue to keep them in place. Once that's done, carefully coat the back with resin, and use a cotton swab to smooth out the edges.

Jar Candles

You can relive the scent of your dried flowers by using them to create beautiful scented jar candles.

Just use a small amount of extra wax to stick your flowers to the side of the container you'd like to use before pouring the candles.

Dried Flower Bookmarks

For the book lover in your life, why not create a few personalized bookmarks using their favorite flower.

Arrange the flowers on top of a piece of pre-cut cardstock, then laminate over the entire thing.


Looking to preserve your coffee table?

Press a few dried flowers between two glass tiles, then secure everything by lining the edges with decorative metallic tape.

You can also use a few small dabs of superglue to keep your petals in place if you're worried about things shifting around.

Homemade Soap

Handmade soaps not only make for excellent gifts, but they are also a surefire way to add an elegant decorative touch to any bathroom.

Sprinkle in a few dried flower petals into your next batch to create a stunning floral soap your guests will find too pretty to use.



Are you looking for a creative way to light up your next garden party?

With a little wax paper, tape, and pressed dried flowers you can create playfully elegant luminarias that are perfect for any occasion.

Flower Resin Jewelry

What do you do with the remains of a particularly personal bouquet or corsage?

With a little resin, some empty bezels, and some pressed flowers you can create a unique piece of jewelry you'll be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Dried Flower Crown

If you want to make a wearable craft with your flowers, check out our tutorial for a crown!

If you're ready to get crafting, but need to get your hands on some fresh petals, Little Flora has all the beautiful blossoms you could need.

Dried Flowers Crafts

Dried flowers may seem like the end of something beautiful. But, with a little creativity and craft supplies, they can be the start of something beautiful that you'll be able to treasure for years to come.

Are you looking for a few more ways to bring the beauty of nature to your home?


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