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I don't wear a lot of makeup these days (#momproblems) but I used to be quite the makeup and all around beauty junkie. When I started making an effort to use more natural beauty products, I ended up making a lot of my own products – those of you who have followed my blog the longest already know this!

As a result, I have quite a few natural beauty tips stored in my noggin. Here are 20 of my favorites – and most of them involve stuff you probably already have in your home!

  1. Olive oil is a very deep moisturizer. Coconut oil is the “crunchy favorite” among green bloggers, but I never found it very effective for super dry skin – olive oil seems to penetrate much more deeply.
  2. Shaving your legs last in the shower makes a huge difference in how smooth they'll be – this way, the steam has time to open up your hair follicles a bit, letting you get a closer shave.
  3. Not all mineral makeup is created equally – as always, you do need to check the ingredients for nasty stuff.
  4. Using quality makeup brushes makes a world of difference! Especially when it comes to applying foundation – it goes on much more smoothly and evenly. I love Eco Tools; they're soft and feel very high quality but they're not at all expensive.
  5. For whiter teeth, make a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and GENTLY brush your teeth with it – preferably with a super-soft toothbrush. You can use your finger, too – do it once a week until your teeth are satisfiably white, then as needed every couple of weeks or month or so. NOTE: this probably isn't the best for your teeth, but neither is bleaching them with the kits you can buy. With this method, you at least know what you're putting in your body.
  6. Don't pay a ton of money for fancy body scrubs. Mix olive oil, sugar, and optional essential oils for your own homemade version that is just as decadent.
  7. Smooth frizzy flyaways with coconut oil – just a dab rubbed between your hands and smoothed over straight hair will do the trick. Curly hair may need more!
  8. Honey is amazing for skin! Use straight honey as a facial mask for acne-prone skin. It prevents breakouts with antibacterial properties and leaves your skin really soft.
  9. Make your own face powder with SUPER simple ingredients that are probably in your kitchen right now.
  10. Give your lips extra love. The skin there is much thinner than the rest of your face – they need more moisture and gentle attention. I keep mine smooth with shea butter, but coconut oil works too!
  11. Make your own dry shampoos with some MORE simple ingredients. 🙂
  12. Use olive oil to remove your eye makeup at night. Not only does it work amazingly, it gives your eye area some anti aging moisture AND conditions your eyelashes.
  13. Wash your face with jojoba oil instead of a soap-based facial wash. The oil cleansing method is a very gentle and moisturizing way to clean your face.
  14. Dry brush. Using a body brush and a face brush on my skin is something I waited way too long to try. It really makes your skin look amazing and I even feel like it gives me more energy.
  15. Get yourself an aloe plant – it has so many beauty-related uses, including a moisturizer, hair conditioner, and cuticle treatment.
  16. Don't smoke. Another tip I waited too long to implement myself, unfortunately. Other than the obvious health issues, it is AWFUL for your skin, hair, and teeth – plus, it stinks.
  17. Use a drop of tea tree oil on blemishes to make them disappear quickly!
  18. Stain your lips with berries. You know how when you eat a bunch of raspberries or cherries, your lips are tinted for several hours afterward? Well, there's NOT A THING wrong with doing it on purpose. 😉
  19. Braid your hair at night to prevent split ends and keep it smoother.
  20. Smile. Nothing is more beautiful than joy.


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