What Are Phthalates?

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Phthalates are one of the “hot topics” in green issues lately, but most people have never heard of them! The alarming truth is that phthalates are in a vast amount of the everyday products found in homes… and they're linked to a number of health issues.

To learn more about pthalates and how to diminish exposure to them with eco-friendly alternatives, read my post about avoiding phthalates on Sylvane's indoor air blog!

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  1. My daughter has such extreme reactions from foods that we were seeking medical and psychological interventions before I decided to trust myself and look at the whole picture. My beautiful, sweet 5 year old became what I can only describe as an unpredictable time bomb of worry, anxiety, and becoming physically ill. We changed her back to a BRAT style diet slowly initiating new foods. Basically the results were, she is perfectly perfect on natural, organic, barely processed (other than my cooking). She cannot even eat anything at restaurants. I need to be able to control every aspect from fat to spice being used.

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