Fall. Family. Food. Fun. // {Instagram Recap}

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This fall has been wonderfully full. It's going by so quickly and while it has been a particularly stressful season – moving – business – baby – oh my! – there have been so many fun moments, too. Here are a few shots captured via Instagram over the last few weeks!

We just moved back to my hometown, where we live very close to my dad and stepmom! Getting to visit with them more is amazing, even if they are crazy hippies. 🙂

I am sooooo pregnant. Can't wait to meet this little girl: Evelyn Marie. <3

The first little bit of snow fell in mid-October and settled on our doorstep. It didn't last – thankfully!

Pumpkin picking in Grampa's garden was fun – they got SO big this year!

We don't really “do” Halloween but we pass out candy – this happy jack-o-lantern welcomed the 2 trick or treaters we had. 🙂 Kent made a scary one but I didn't get a picture – oops!

 What am I gonna do with all these carrots, you guys?

What have been some of your favorite moments this fall?

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