Bringing Home Baby: My hospital bag.

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The contraction-action has been picking up like CRAZY for the past few days, which can only mean one thing: we'll be bringing home Evelyn Marie, our third baby and FIRST daughter soon. With my first two babies, this sort of thing started 2-3 weeks before delivery. My due date is in 2 weeks, so it looks like this time around will follow that pattern too!

I thought I'd share what I have packed for the hospital when the time comes.

Packing the hospital bag - natural products + essentials

  • The comfiest clothes I own. Yoga pants, tank tops, and really stretchy sports bras which I love for pregnancy and nursing. 
  • Jojoba oil. I like using oil-based skincare – I usually use some essential oils but in order to avoid overwhelming Evelyn's newborn nose, I'll keep it neutral. Jojoba oil is perfect as a body oil, face serum and even for hair. We'll also be able to use it for massage during labor!
  • Tension balm. I am really eager to use the Tension Balm I received from Moor Spa during labor if I get the chance. I really think it will help with the pain.
  • JEANS for going home in. A lot of people say I'm crazy for not just wearing my comfy clothes home, but I really like wearing jeans and feeling somewhat “put together” after months of being pregnant.
  • Minimal beauty essentials – as much as I would like to put on makeup and be really gorgeous as I take photos with my newborn, I know that I'm not going to care as much when the time comes. 🙂 I'm packing deodorant, skin solution, mascara, lip balm and a hair brush. 🙂
I have 3 other bags packed too…
  • One for Kent with a change of clothes and some sweatpants. He might come straight from doing smelly-boy-work to the hospital so it will be nice to have a change of clothes if that's the case.
  • One for the boys to bring with to grandma and grampa's with PJs and clothes.
  • And of course – one for little mama! I have clothes, a snowsuit, swaddlers, and a blanket we got from Aunt Megan together for her arrival.
What did you pack in your hospital bag, mamas? Anything you WISH you had packed?

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