5 Ways Anyone Can Give Back to Their Community

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We've all heard of people who have gone through a medical crisis, or a near-death experience, who pull through tragedy and start really living life to the fullest. Many people find their purpose and start living a life that truly serves others.

Through the Bakken Invitation, Medtronic co-founder Earl Bakken is honoring people who are doing just that after being given a “second life” with the help of medical technology. Each year, Medtronic grants 10 such honorees $20,000 toward their cause.

Serving all over the world in places as near to me as Minnesota and far away as Japan, their stories are a true inspiration. Talk about making a comeback! #LiveOnGiveOn: http://ooh.li/c8e2b29 5 ways to impact your community - and a $100 giveaway to benefit your cause! http://buff.ly/1woRmw9

The thing is, we don't have to wait until we go through something “big” to start living the life we were put on this earth to live.

In fact, that's why I write here: because we can blossom right where we are.

I used to think that as soon as I got a good routine down, I’d be all set. I’d be on my way. Life would finally run smoothly!

Or, as soon as I ate a 100% healthy diet and worked out at least 3 times a week, I would have the energy and mental clarity needed to finally achieve all my goals.

If only I could remember to take my vitamin and drink 8 glasses of water every day, I would finally feel well and be able to get it together.

As soon as I organized my home, I would finally be able to show hospitality to others and build friendships and connect with my family more.

See a pattern here?

I was putting off life until things were just right.

Now I know better.

Now I know that life is a big mess. Now I know that as soon as I get the hang of one season in life, it will change. Now I know that I don’t have to get it right all the time for life to be sweet.

It’s never going to be perfect, but it can always be beautiful. We can blossom right where we are.

We can start living and giving right where we are, too.

  1.  Teach what you know, whether it's as simple as teaching a new mom how to swaddle her baby or organizing a class on how to eat healthy on a budget.
  2. Buy a few extra items on your grocery trip and drop them off at your local food bank.
  3. Reach out to the elderly in your community and offer to mow lawns, run errands, or move snow.
  4. Offer to babysit for young families and parents on a budget.
  5. Pick up trash, plant flowers, or make needed repairs to make your neighborhood a more beautiful place to live.

#LiveOnGiveOn: http://ooh.li/c8e2b29 5 ways to impact your community - and a $100 giveaway to benefit your cause! http://buff.ly/1woRmw9

Medtronic is giving away a $100 Visa gift card to ONE Everblossom reader to use toward benefiting their community in some way. Live On. Give On.

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This post is lovingly sponsored by Medtronic as part of the Live On. Give On. campaign. ♥

133 Responses

  1. Give to a food bank!

  2. It makes me want to donate more to toys for tots and local food banks

  3. Pamela Gurganus

    We have a wonderful food bank here in central Florida and I’m inspired to not only donate goods, but my time as well.

  4. These are great ideas anyone can do!

  5. I’m inspired to donate to toys for tots this Christmas.

  6. I have always volunteered and given back but this inspires me to do more. I give back via the gardeen to the commu ity food bank I would use this to buy more seeds to give back even more!

  7. Jessica Beard

    Wow, all of these amazing people inspire me to go after my goals and do good for others. I like David Watkin’s determination to overcome his obstacles and start running again. I love to do things for people who are least expecting it. I would like to make care packages for people in my grandma’s nursing home. I would include a nice card, a treat, and maybe a picture drawn by my sons. I know it would brighten their day.

  8. I actually give a lot back to my community already and I give all that I can. Nice website.

  9. alicia szemon

    I am inspired to give back to my community because it is growing and there is more and more to do and more people to help(:

  10. I don’t have any grand plans or ideas for something awesome for my community, but I love the effects of being kind and open for those around you in need of a nonjudgmental friend or just someone to listen to them.

  11. Heather Baker

    We always donate to our food bank and to the local community outreach with clothes and furniture we no longer need.

  12. Brittany Thomas

    I always try to donate the food we won’t be using to the food bank (or pick up some from the store to donate) and this year our church is helping buy gifts for the families that are currently homeless and in transition.

  13. We have an awesome food bank in my town called Manna on Main Street. In the summer, when our garden is overflowing with more produce than we can eat, we often take bags of it down to them, but I really should make an effort to donate to them in the winter, too!

  14. I donate to food shelves every month, this holiday season my family is going to adopt another family to help them with holiday wishes from gifts to meals.

  15. During the year I donate to local shelters and out reach programs!

  16. Michelle Salais

    I am inspired to give to my local food bank since they gave to me when I was in need for a couple years. I also love to give to my local animal shelter.

  17. It makes me want to donate to food bank and Goodwill

  18. I love that it is all ages giving love this will make an effort to do more myself.

  19. It has inspired me to do even more than I already do! I donate to Goodwill & I give to charities throughout the year! Thanks for the chance to win to pay it forward!

    Joey J.

  20. Debra Holloway

    I donate clothes, money, and food to community organizations.

  21. Jennifer Rote

    I don’t leave my house often so I can’t donate time, but I do give toys to children in the area and donate books to the elderly. I also donate my cans to local charity.

  22. Lucilla Bossi story stuck with me the most to inspire me to give back to my own community, I love how she lets nothing stop her from helping others.

  23. I am inspired to share my extra life with those in need. I will volunteer my time and supplies to a local homeless shelter.

  24. i give to our local food bank often and donate to the charities that care for the elderly in hospices in our area.

  25. I participate in Tree of Sharing by taking a tag and buying a gift for Christmas for a needy child.

  26. I like that earl has given back, even as an inventor

  27. we work with the local scout troop to collect food and donate to local food bank

  28. Angela A Simmons

    My family and I make a difference by volunteering at the Food Bank. We are huge animal lovers and also volunteer at the animal shelter on Saturday. There are times when I have it in my heart to help a homeless person, I might buy them lunch or give them some money if I have it.

  29. I love to go and visit a nursing home, not all of the residents get visitors often, so it’s a way to put a smile on someone’s face for that day.

  30. It has inspired me to keep donating where ever we can and start donating more to our local community like our local fire companies and VFW’s.

  31. Catherine Wooster

    We need better food banks in Maine…half the canned food you get is already past the expiration date & I know people who have actually gotten sick from it. It’s not good when that is your “help”….

  32. Nichole Smith

    Awesome website! I give to our local food shelf, volunteer for pto at my kids school and give my time at the community skating rink in town.

  33. Denise Boeger

    These stories are so inspiring! I volunteer at my daughter’s school, but I would like to give back in other ways too!

  34. Give to a food bank!

  35. Alexa Cohen

    i’m inspired by making other people smile

  36. I can volunteer at the local food bank, as well as donating needed items.

  37. i plan on donate to toys for tots this Christmas

  38. I donate food and toys

  39. Kathleen S.

    I would love to have our community become more involved in recycling. A community curbside recycling program should be incorporated in our community. I know people make an effort but maybe more knowledge about recycling (what can be recycled, how to prepare recyclables, teaching family how to recycle, the benefits of recycling) may induce more social responsibility in lowering the amount of trash going into the land fill. That would be really awesome. 🙂

  40. I participate in my community garden and help the kids grow veggies and fruits

  41. I am inspired to donate winter clothing items like gloves and hats and heavy socks to a local shelter for those that need.

  42. amy pugmire

    It make me motivated to help and give more. There are so many people out there that do not have much and one person can make a difference.

  43. I’m inspired to give back by ushering at my local parish

  44. Holly Thomas

    In September I found homes for a cat colony in my neighborhood.

  45. I am encouraged to donate food and money to those in need.

  46. Melissa Douglass

    Yesterday my family and I got together and made goodie bags for the homeless! They were filled with bottled water, granola bars, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, soap, plastic utensils and a ton of other stuff! We each put a few in our cars so that any time we come across a homeless person we can pass them out!

  47. I’d like to go buy care packages (non-perishable food, soap, toothpaste/brush, blanket, etc) and hand out to homeless people.

  48. I like to donate to my local food bank and Goodwill.

  49. Tammy Woodall

    All of the Honorees of the 2014 Bakken Invitation are inspiring. I give back by donating to my local Food Bank.

  50. Amanda Sakovitz

    I’m inspired to volunteer for a children’s charity now!

  51. Debra Guillen

    I am inspired to donate food to our local food bank

  52. heather e.g. kaufman

    I will be donating to a food bank.

  53. Julie Matek

    I am inspired to give items to local animal shelters

  54. Other than working at a non profit I volunteer for FEMA, donate through my online shopping to on amazon to my local charities, clip box tops, donate coupons to chin up, and engage my family in community service projects every 6 months.

  55. Heather Hayes Panjon

    I’m Inspired To Plant A Community Garden!

  56. Jorge Granda

    I give back to my community by recycling and by not smoking, drinking, or using drugs.

  57. I like to donate toys and books to my local children’s hospital.

  58. Lynn mathieu

    I donate clothing at my local second hand shop, canned goods to my local church and I volunteer once a week at my local second hand shop too!

  59. I would like to donate to Goodwill

  60. Rachel Mauffray

    I like to give dress clothes for people to go on job interviews. It helps build their confidence so they can try to be self supporting.

  61. Thomas Murphy

    I’m inspired to donate or help with something involved with kids.

  62. I am reminded to donate clothes I have been meaning to give!

  63. Ashley Tucker

    I’m inspired to donate to Toys rfor Tots and to volunteer.

  64. Ghassan Alsaleh

    Help my neighborhood to clean his garden

  65. steve weber

    I donate my time twice a month to help out a local soup kitchen/food shelter.

  66. I’m inspired to volunteer at the local animal shelter.

  67. Soha MOlina

    I give back by donating time.

  68. Dana Cerrito

    I always donate to Toy’s for Tot’s! They hold a soft spot in my heart

  69. I am inspired to give back to my community by volunteering at a hospital or animal shelter.

  70. Sandra davis

    to give to food shelters

  71. Helping out students at a local Bible college

  72. I would donate more to the local libraries, such as old books, useable items for craft projects that can be done with kids over the summer, (or anytime). I also donate food and money to the Salvation Army so they can provide food baskets to people in our community during holiday times. I’d like to be able to give a magazine subscription or a newspaper subscription to the libraries 🙂

  73. Arcelia Castillo

    I’m inspired by making a group were we would be helping one family in need a month and as a community we can all pitch in. The visa card would definitely help us start buying food and toiletries for the people in need of them. Thank you for the opportunity!

  74. Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    I like getting the name of a child or family through a local agency and giving them gifts they need or want for Christmas. I also like giving food to our local food bank and homeless /women’s shelter.

  75. I will take the grass root approach and will join my neighborhood block club to help improve our community.

  76. I already donate money things, food and my time but It still inspires me to do more

  77. I’m inspired to donate to local food banks and adopt a family to help with holiday wishes and meals.

  78. amanda roach

    i am an avid couponer and i dontate at least half of my goods to shelters.

  79. Dawn Monroe

    I’m inspired to help the elderly in my area. Our church travels to the nursing home to sing carols and visit. No one should feel lonely during the holidays or through out the year.

  80. I’m serving food at our local soup kitchen on Christmas Eve!

  81. i am inspired by random acts of kindness cause seeing it and hearing about it restores my faith in humanity and that makes me wanna be a better person 🙂 i volunteer often and it makes me feel like i won the lotto!

  82. I try to keep my community clean.

  83. The site is awesome! It inspired me to just start. I think about doing volunteer work all the time. I just checked with a local food pantry to see if they need help. I signed my family up for next week.

  84. Krystal Boyea is an inspiration to me.

  85. richelle bowers

    I already donate to the womens and childrens shelter here but would like to donate to catholic charities as well

  86. Seyma Shabbir

    To donate food and clothes, organize a meal for a family in need.

  87. Oh I loved GRETCHEN MERRITT from Minnesotas story! All the stories were so inspiring! I am inspired to give back to our community by donating to our local pet rescue group! I know they always run low on dog and cat food at the end of the year, and I would love to help them out!

  88. I pass on my children’s hand me downs to moms in my town, If something has any use left in it, I pass it on. I donate food when I am able. I like to donate school supplies to those children who do not have them available to use.

  89. I volunteer several places including a local food bank.
    Thanks for the contest.

  90. I am inspired to give to animals who are hungry or need shelter in my neighborhood.

  91. Gina M (Wild Orchid)

    I am inspired to give back by donating personal care items to our local womens shelter, and food items to our food pantry!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  92. Volunteering at the food bank!

  93. Nataly Carbonell

    I want to help families in need, by providing food and xmas gifts to each member of the family ^_^

  94. The stories inspired me to give back to the animal shelters with food, toys blankets and my time, They could always use volunteers!

  95. I always try to donate to my local food pantry whenever I can.

  96. It inspires me to donate time as well as food to food banks

  97. Kelly Kimmell

    I will donate to Goodwill.

  98. i donate clothing every 2 months to the local thrift store and I also donate to the local humane society every 6 months1

  99. I donate to my church’s food bank. I also keep blessing bags in the car to pass out to homeless people. The bags contain personal care items I have couponed for or gotten samples of and also a couple gift cards for local eateries.

  100. Clint Benson Doyle inspires me to donate art supplies for children.

  101. By volunteering with my daughters at local women’s shelters. So rewarding!

  102. inspired by Earl Bakken to try and do something that matters

  103. there are some inspiring stories.. i donate food to the church around the block from my house.. every week they give food out to the poor, there a food bank

  104. amazing stories! i’m inspired to donate more food and clothes for those in need!

  105. Angela Cash

    I am inspired to volunteer at a local community garden which provides fresh, nutritious food for shelters in our area.

  106. I am inspired to give to our local food bank and homeless shelter.

  107. It inspires me to donate more, and dig deep and try and get others to help donate more around the holidays.

  108. Deb Jackson

    We purchase and donate school supplies to our local school district.
    http://instagram.com/carlaaldrich http://pinterest.com/jacksondeb/

  109. Sami’s Story was very touching. I was raised by missionary and it was just part of our lives to do for others. Today we collected clothes and furniture for a family of 6 whose house burned down.

  110. I’m inspired to donate food to my local food bank.

  111. Elizabeth J.

    Their stories are very inspiring! 🙂 I’m inspired to continue to help teachers get the school supplies they need for their classrooms! This time of year, teachers are in great need of school supplies and so I would donate the $100 to help teachers! Thank you for the chance!

  112. Valerie McElroy

    Giving to children in need.

  113. I would give back by helping a family in need from my school. Sometimes that little extra can be such a boost for morale and expenses. You never know what your good might do for others!

  114. angela smith

    we always donate clothes and books and we’ve also given boxes of food to my brothers neighbor and her kids since she’s been having a hard time because her husband passed away

  115. I am inspired to give to our local animal shelter

  116. kelly Brown

    I give monthly to a local adult daycare facility. it is sad how little my county does for tge elderly.

  117. I’d love to jump start some classrooms on Donors Choose.

  118. I would love to donate this to Right Road Kids, a non-profit organization, so they can continue the awesome work that they do to help raise students self-esteem and self-worth. Thank you for the opportunity!

  119. Marianne Griffith

    Great ideas! Always keep an eye out for your neighbors!

  120. I love donating to the salvation army that is in my community.

  121. Toys for tots from us

  122. It makes me realize I can and should do more to support our local food pantry.

  123. I’m inspired to become more involved in the community outreach programs. And think I might start by donating some books to the library or a school.

  124. Leah Hamby

    Reading through all the comments I noticed several mention donating to goodwill. I have come across more than one source that suggests donating your discards elsewhere. The CEO of goodwill is a millionaire, the employees are paid minimum wage, but all of the merchandise is donated. I like to give to people I can meet face to face. I posted free items in yard sale groups online. I met some women who work with special needs adults. I’ve donated items to be used as prizes for their weekly bingo games. ANY WHERE BUT GOODWILL!

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