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I haven't shared this publicly yet but… I am currently expecting baby #4! I couldn't be more excited. I'm already well into my second trimester and found out a few weeks ago that this baby will be a GIRL! That will make me the lucky mama to two boys and two girls. We'll be welcoming Miss Chloe Jo in August.

What they say is true: every pregnancy is totally different. This time around, I had the worst morning sickness of any of my pregnancies for the first 14 weeks or so. I'm also experiencing super slow weight gain, even though my bump appeared almost immediately!

On the other hand… some things never change. Here are some of my favorite wellness essentials – cultivated over FOUR pregnancies!

Natural wellness faves... cultivated over FOUR pregnancies!

  • Comfy Leggings – Thankfully, my sister is a LulaRoe consultant so I've been able to shop with her for comfy, crazy-cute leggings that grow along with my belly.
  • Protein, protein, protein! It's so key to feeling my best. Cottage cheese, turkey wraps, and crackers with hummus have been my go-to snacks.
  • My Samsung GearFit – To make sure I've been getting enough exercise, I've been wearing this health tracker. I try my very best to get at least 10000 steps every day.
  • BellyBand – ESPECIALLY this time around. As my midwife says, “After 4 pregnancies, those muscles are shot!” ? I love wearing this for extra support and definitely feel more worn out at the end of days when I don't wear it.

All natural prenatal GUMMIES that don't make you nauseous? Finally!!

I have switched up my prenatal vitamins this time around. For the past few weeks, I've been taking (and loving) UpSpring Prenatal+ Gummies. They're delicious and haven't made me feel nauseous at all, like some prenatals can.

My ultrasounds have been showing that Chloe is measuring on the small side. She was in the 12th percentile at my first ultrasound and measured in the 36th percentile at my most recent one. So she's well within the “normal” range, but since I've never had this experience with my other babies, it does make me a little uneasy – especially since I had such a hard time with nutrition early in my pregnancy, what with not being able to keep any food down! So I really appreciate the added comfort of boosting my and Chloe's nutrition with these awesome gummies. Not only are they from a mom-run company, which I love, they have nutrients proven to support fetal brain development.

  • Complete multivitamin
  • Omega-3 DHA
  • Choline

The choline in this prenatal is in the form of Alpha GPC, which is a more bioavailable form that readily crosses the blood-brain barrier. So these gummies have everything me and Chloe need in a supplement and that makes me feel a lot more confident about her development.

And even though they're yummy, they're low in sugar and made with super healthy and natural ingredients, which you KNOW I'm all about. You can get these Prenatal+ Gummies for 24.99 at Target or on their website.

This review was made possible by iConnect and UpSpring.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

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