The best investment you can make is in yourself.

What a year it's been, right? Crazy advances in technology, ridiculous impositions on our good senses by the powers that be, and most of all: uncertainty. What's ahead? Who can know?

So even though cryptocurrency, blockchain, voice, real estate, and social media all look like great investments right now, remember that no matter what resources you do or do not have at your disposal: the best possible investment you can make is in yourself. Learn skills. Care for your health. Invest the time it takes to meditate. You need to be good before any of the external stuff can fall into place.

Go for it, sweet thang.

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I'm Kylie and I'm obsessed with self care. Like I truly believe it can change the world. I started Everblossom in 2009 and we're still exploring new ways to make self care and self empowerment more accessible. Welcome. Grab a cup of tea, slather on a face mask, and settle in.

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