Amazon’s new sample store is a wellness wonderland

I just found out about Amazon's new sample store and I'm already obsessed. There are a ton of healthy + natural sample-sized products that are perfect for travel or if you just want to try out a product before purchasing the full size.

The really, really amazing part, though, is that Amazon gives you what you pay for the sample back in a credit.

So, for example:

  1. Pay $2 for a sample of Juice Organics Shampoo + Conditioner
  2. Amazon automatically applies a $2 credit to your account that you can use to buy any of these full-sized products.

So, even if you don't enjoy the sample you get, you can still save money on the product you decide to get! I'm bananas over this.

There are a ton of different products to sample, and many of them are really healthy choices. Here's what's in my cart:

I'm not sure how often new products are added, but this is definitely a section I'll be checking out frequently!


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3 Responses

  1. Laurie Nykaza

    I had no idea about this on Amazon and will check it out love shopping at Amazon.

  2. Michelle

    OMG!! Plum Organics Baby Food is up for samples? Yay!!!! I’m off to check that out. Been a long time coming and I sure wouldn’t want to miss this chance!

  3. Damia

    For real? You get credited the second amount spent on the sample? Woah. This is totally amazing. I have a lot of ideas running in my head now and I can’t wait to see what Amazon’s store has in store. Lol.

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