3 essential ways to take care of yourself as an empath

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Guest post by Rachael Simone of Intuitive Harmony Medicine

Are you an empath? There are a few different types which you can learn more about here, but in essence an empath is someone who is hypersensitive to the feelings of others. An empath is someone who can know how someone is feeling without any physical cues – like someone crying. An example of empathic ability is if you see someone in the grocery store and start feeling very sad, and then intuitively know that one of their loved ones just died. You then talk to them and find out that indeed one of their loved ones has passed away.

Empaths can feel very overwhelmed by the energy of other people. We as empaths can dread social interactions – not because we dislike people or have social anxiety – but because we know that we will feel drained afterwards. Feeling drained is not a necessary part of being an empath. We do not need to dread social interactions if we are empaths. Keep reading to learn about how you can  take better care of yourself when you are a hypersensitive person.

The first way to take care of yourself as an empath is to prioritize self-care. This means you need to say no when you mean no. You do not need to let go of your boundaries in order to make other people happy. Your job is not to make other people but to take care of yourself first!

The second tip I have for you empaths out there is to remember your power. Often when we are in times of overwhelm or just feeling drained from other people's energy we can forget how powerful we are. Remember your power as limitless human being connected to all of the universe. The things that are draining us are often not as powerful as we think they are.

And the last tip I have for you today is to have discernment. Question the things that you pick up from people. Question how you feel and what your empathic senses are telling you. If you are picking up sadness from somewhere around you, are you sure about where it is coming from? Questioning things in this way helps to tell when something is coming from yourself or if it is coming from somewhere else. Also, sometimes inexperienced empaths will think that something is empath-related when it is not. So though I want you to trust your intuition you may need to take it slow until you learn how your intuition and empathic abilities work!

I also recommend these crystals for empaths:

Black tourmaline – this crystal can help to transmute negative energy that is around you.

Magnetic lodestone – this crystal helps to keep you grounded and centered in reality- perfect if you are feeling overwhelmed by things you are sensing around you.

Amethyst – this is a good choice for empaths because it helps us connect to our spiritual sources of power.

Those are all my tips for helping empaths take care of themselves. Are you an empath with other cool self-care tips? Let me know on Twitter: @MedicineHarmony!

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Rachael Simone of Intuitive Harmony Medicine is a professional crystal healer and intuitive reader. She gives people tools to gain clarity, awareness, and strength so that they can move forward with purpose and ease. She puts together her experience and training to create healing experiences that benefit mind, body, and spirit. She has spent years developing relationships with crystals and energy healing so that she can address deep and painful issues while also bringing comfort.

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