35 Money Saving Hacks To Enjoy Life To The Fullest And Have A Good Future

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Today, saving money is a strange thing for some people. With undeniably difficult economy, saving is hard to do, and the last priority for people who only live with a little amount in order to survive.

Develop these habits in your 20s to set yourself up for joy, success, health, and inner peace.

If you have been living in debts for years and budgeting is often a struggle, you need to learn to tone down your expenses and possibly, accept other jobs to make the ends meet. There are a lot of ways to save a few bucks even you’re squeezing your budget.  

If you’re going to research online, you’ll find that there are hundreds of guides and tips that you’ll get to save cash. Do you always have to live like today, with only a small cash for some days and zero cash for the next 10 days?

Believe me, applying these _ tips would help you live happily today and in the future:

Saving Tips For Groceries:

  1. Pack your own lunch and save $40 to 200 each month.
  2. Prepare your own meals at home, whether it is breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will give you huge savings of $150 to 500 a month for each meal.
  3. Make your own coffee at home, instead of buying from Starbucks. This will keep you about $15 to $100 a month.
  4. Make your own yogurt, taco seasoning, almond milk, rice, cashew, coconut and hemp milk.
  5. Purchase whole chicken rather than pieces.
  6. Buy in bulk when there’s a deal or special offer.
  7. Practice canning to preserve foods.
  8. Make use of leftovers. Use it to serve another recipe.
  9. Cultivate your own garden of fruits and vegetables. You can save around $10 to $20 each month.
  10. Make use of ingredients that you have stored in your pantry rather than buying again and again.
  11. Don’t buy convenience foods that are expensive and less healthy for you and your loved ones.
  12. Buy fruits and vegetables in season.
  13. Bake your own bread, pastry and chicken.
  14. Plan your meals.
  15. Prepare meals that are healthier, but are easier and cheaper to make.

Saving Tips For Personal Care and Shopping:

  1. Skip buying new clothes each month for a year. Only buy when necessary or when you need for special occasions.
  2. Recycle old clothes by making new clothes out of the old ones. For instance, you can make old jeans into shorts, skirts, aprons, bags, and other items.
  3. Reserve manicure and pedicure for special events.
  4. Grow your hair longer and shinier by saving on haircuts, hair color and other hair treatments.
  5. Try using a diva cup or cloth pads to save money on sanitary napkins. It is safer and cheaper.
  6. Buy clothes on consignment stores and cheaper stores when you need to buy one.
  7. Buy and sell clothes for women, men, babies, kids and other accessories.
  8. Don’t shop for clothes when you don’t need it.

Saving Tips For Transportation:

  1. Drive at the speed limit to save $10 every month.
  2. Arrange  carpool with your friends and other family members.
  3. Ensure that your car tires are properly inflated. This would save you $30 per month.
  4. Run errands on a single trip to save on fuel.
  5. Maintain your own car instead of hiring a professional mechanic.

Saving Tips For Utilities:

  1. Cancel your cable subscription and save $30 to $100 each month.
  2. Choose more affordable mobile phone plan.
  3. Cancel your residential phone subscription.
  4. Avoid using a dryer to dry your clothes.
  5. Turn off or unplug unused home appliances.
  6. Don’t use air conditioning units or heater when not needed.
  7. Save water.

There are myriads of ways to save money and live a better life. If you have a credit card, limit its use. Saving money could make room for a happier life, without debts and worries. You could also make use of your savings to enjoy life allotting it for your dream vacation, tour or your children’s college.

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