4 smart ways to prevent hearing loss

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It really makes no difference if you’re five or fifty, there are some things we can all do to protect one of our most precious assets: our hearing.

While it’s true that hearing loss can come at any point during our lifetime, it does generally occur more frequently among the older age groups. That’s why putting good ear care practices in place while you’re young can pay dividends later in life.

Here are some top ear health tips to help prevent damage to hearing:


Keeping the volume down has to be one of the most efficient ways to help guard against hearing loss. Avoid cranking your volume to full blast and instead operate at around 60% of the full volume.

Where possible, opt for headphones as opposed to ear buds that squeeze noise dangerously close to the eardrum. It goes without saying that if you work somewhere particularly noisy such as a construction site, industrial space or concert hall, you should invest in some ear defenders or earplugs to protect against exposure to loud noise.

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Ditch The Buds

Did you know that ears are self-cleaning? That’s why a little waxy build up is perfectly normal. Too much of course can lead to you struggling to hear but in any case you should completely avoid using cotton buds to try and remove wax.

These buds just serve to push wax further down the ear canal and in some cases can cause significant damage if pushed too far. It’s a far wiser idea to use an earwax softening solution, or even some heated up olive oil, to soften wax and let it drain out by itself.

If you’re still really struggling, then speak to your doctor.

Don’t Stress

Reports have shown that too much stress in your life can lead to hearing problems, namely tinnitus. Though this might be temporary, while your stress and anxiety is particularly high, it can be incredibly uncomfortable.

It usually presents itself as a ringing in the ears but can also be any number of noises, from singing to humming.

The best way to manage this is to talk to your doctor about how to manage your stress levels, if this is what you feel is the culprit. For a self-help approach, sufferers often report meditation; deep breathing and yoga can help to ease the symptoms.

Make Time For Your Hearing

If you are worried about hearing loss for whatever reason, the simplest way to deal with it is to schedule a check up and get to the bottom of whatever’s causing you problems. Your doctor or hearing specialist will get you fully checked out and recommend a course of action to take.

If you do need a hearing device then make sure you’re fully up to speed on the latest types and make a decision that supports your lifestyle. Read up about options on health and lifestyle pages and make your hearing a priority.

Your hearing is worth protecting so schedule a check up today to save problems tomorrow.


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