4 tips for decorating your baby nursery

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Babies are a blessing and a lot of preparation is done before receiving the bundle of joy. Some of these preparations include buying the clothes, creating room for the baby and decorating the nursery. All of this may be quite hectic and you, therefore, need all the help you can get. This article below presents you with a few tips that you can use in decorating your baby’s room. Remember to be creative as possible and be free to try various ideas. Mothers have swaddled their babies for thousands of years. It's no wonder: it keeps newborn babies warm feeling secure. Here's how to swaddle a baby.

1.    Choose soft colors

While decorating your nursery, remember to select colours that are soft and very tranquil since they will create a calming effect. Your child requires a peaceful, calm environment where they can easily relax and feel safe. Using bold, bright colours might be counterproductive to creating the calming effect that you would require in the room. Therefore, remember to incorporate light colours such as baby pink or blue or light hues of grey. You may select the colours depending on the gender of the baby, such as pink for a girl. Use pink wallpaper, pink blinds, paint and so much more in order to create a girly effect.

2.    Do not overdo it

Decorating can go a long way in making a room beautiful and colourful if done the right way and to the right extent. Since it is a baby’s room, overdoing it by using too many colours, pictures or items may cause them to be a little bit scary especially in the night when the items cast shadows. You do not want to frighten the baby, so try and ensure to keep it minimal and classy. By all means, use a few family pictures, hang some decorative lights or toys but do not overdo it for the sake of the baby. Remember also to select friendly toys such as fish or small birds that have a nice appearance for the baby.

3.    Keep it safe

Some decorative items may be a hazard to the baby. Items that are a bit heavy may accidentally fall on the baby and cause him harm or bumps. You also want to be careful with items that are sharply pointed or that are not baby proofed. Steer clear of items made of polythene material or metal and try as much as possible to use the soft rubber or fur items. Everything used to decorate the nursery should be safe for the baby and should not be a hazard to the baby even if he or she is left unsupervised in the room for a while.

4.    Use washable items

Children, as they grow older, tend to get messier with time either when eating, drinking or playing. A lot of accidents may thus tend to happen and you are bound to get some spills on the sheets or walls. Invest in wallpaper that can be wiped with ease to remove any dirt that may get on it.  Cloths, sheets or drapes should also be easy to clean so as to ensure you do not struggle while cleaning up.


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