4 Ways to Look + Feel Young, Alive, and Energetic

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We all wish we could go on looking young forever. Unfortunately for us, time has a way of catching up to us and sometimes, it catches up really fast. Fortunately, there are some habits we can do to stave it off for as long as possible to keep our youthful skin.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one way our body heals and regenerates itself. The skin of a person who gets enough sleep is more supple and elastic compared to the person who gets by with only five or so hours a night. Also, have you noticed that your skin glows whenever you get a full night’s sleep?

Studies also show that the human growth hormone (HGH) is produced most during slow-wave sleep. This hormone is the one responsible for keeping us looking young while deficiencies in

HGH leads to sagging skin and slower metabolism. Therefore, sleeping more will increase your HGH levels and keep your skin looking in top shape.

Eat + Drink Right

The kind of food that we eat has a direct effect on our skin. For example, vegetables and fruits contain vitamins and antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals. These vitamins promote skin cell development, support the immune system, and help in healing blemishes fast. Make sure to add lots of these to your diet.

Drinking enough fluids is also a must. Drinking six to eight glasses of fluids a day will keep your skin hydrated. All fluids count towards your daily allotted intake but best to just keep it to water and non-alcoholic/non- caffeine beverages. Crash diets are also no-nos. Losing weight quickly often means cutting out essential nutrients from your diet. When you limit your caloric intake too much, the loss of nutrients can be seen in the form of dry skin, chipped nails, and dull hair or hair loss.

Limit Your Sun Exposure

Studies show that people who were more exposed to the sun had far more wrinkles and age spots than those who weren’t. They’re also more at risk of a host of other serious problems like

skin cancer. If you really love the sun, take care never to forget to apply your sunscreen. Apply generously and reapply for prolonged exposure. The sun’s rays are also the strongest between ten AM and two PM. Try to avoid going out during these hours or, if you must, wear protective clothing to block ultraviolet rays.

Following a Proper Skincare Routine

Choose a skincare routine that best fits your needs and stick with it. The most basic skin care should include these four items: cleanser, toner, sunscreen, and anti-aging cream. Never go to sleep with your face unwashed. You should use a gentle cleanser to remove all makeup and dirt from your face. Follow it up with a toner in order to balance your skin’s pH after cleansing as well as to remove any remaining dirt from the skin. Lastly, put on your anti-aging cream to help your body along with stimulating skin cell regeneration. Creams also serve as moisturizers and will help you wake up to a softer, more glowy skin.


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  1. Gabriella

    Really great tips. Personally, I believe lots of sleep, lots of water, more fruits and veggies and the right diet is enough to keep the aging process at bay. You’ll love your skin if you take these serious.

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