5 Tips to budgeting for your dream wheelchair

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Do you have a wheelchair in mind but find that it is completely out of your budget at the moment? Worry not as you can still put that wheelchair on your to buy list as long as you get smart with how you spend your money.

Wheelchairs may cost a pretty penny, especially when there are additional features that make it unique and different from all the others in the market out there. While there are wheelchairs that are prices at just one hundred dollars, others can go up to ten times that.

But take note that you are also paying not just for the features but the quality as well, so you should not regret spending a little more if it means something long-lasting. That being said, if you are looking for ways on how you can save for that wheelchair, read on for some budgeting tips that you start doing today.

  1. Be realistic with your goal – you need to be patient when saving for something that may cost a lot. Do not try to hurry up the process just because you want to buy the wheelchair already. Set realistic goals. You may think that you can save up for that item in one month or two, but in reality, it might take you at least six months to do so. Take a look at your finances and set a specific amount that you know you can put away every month.
  2. Live within your means – everyone knows this already, but still they overspend. You need to live within your means. If it would help, track your spending for a week and see where you spend most of your money on. If you find that you have been making impractical purchases, stop them so that you can focus on your goal of saving up.
  3.  Don’t hesitate to do it yourself  -there are times when your home or car may need repairs. If you actually have the skill, why not try doing the repairs yourself. Repair and maintenance can cost a lot of money, so you are going to save a lot if you solve the problem yourself. Just make sure that you are skilled before you try anything because you might just make the situation worse if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  4. Plan your meals – food is one of the things you spend the most money on. In order to save, plan your meals and list down what you will buy on your next grocery trip. Do not attempt to stray away from the list and just buy anything you want or whatever looks good.
  5.  Refrain from using your credit card first – if possible, do not use your credit card until you’ve bought the wheelchair. You do not want to add more on the list of the things you need to pay until you’ve made the purchase because it would only be a burden to you.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten some tips on how you can start budgeting today. You can pay for that electric wheelchair cost and have the wheelchair of  your dreams in just a few months if you follow the tips accordingly.


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