5 Tips to repairing water damage in your home

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From time to time water damage is inevitable and knowing how to repair the damage will go a long way in determining how your house will look. My people do not know that water damage if addressed quickly enough they do not have to cost a lot to repair. Here are a few useful tip for every homeowner looking to repair water damage in their house.

  1. Dry  the affected area

The first thing that you need to do when you notice an area affected by water damage is to dry it out. The reason for this is to avoid further damage. In the instance there are small leaks this may not take much time but if the leak is much more significant then consider renting a dehumidifier which can get the job done. This can be on the carpet, wood or any other surface.

  1. Check for mold

One of the common water damage is mold, when you suspect water damage check for mold and while at it one should be very careful. This is because some mold can be quite toxic. If the mold is not spread out one can cut it and throw it away. However when dealing with mold which is widespread then it’s better to seek professional help as the mold may be toxic and thus more professional assistance required especially for water damage in st Louis.

  1. Remove Porous material

The porous materials are the materials which soak in water and in case of water damage these are the materials which you need to get rid of quickly. The porous materials like carpet are damaged by water and when repairing water damage you may need to throw them out.  You may also need to check if the drywall and wood has been affected since they are also porous with a low rate of absorption. In repairing, change the wood which is damage and consider changing and replacing the carpet.

  1. Disinfect the area

After all the damaged materials have been removed and tossed away the next step should be disinfecting the area. This should be done before you begin working on the area. The reason for this is to protect yourself from any toxicity of the affected area.  There are a number of homemade options which one can use and the most common choice is bleach solution which can be sprayed on the affected area.

  1. Start with the Ceiling

There is a reason to why when doing water damage repair one should focus on the ceiling. This is because the ceiling is the most risk part and is the one which are exposed to water damage more. The reason as you why you need to focus on the ceiling is that you do not want the roof sagging or collapsing on you as you work. Check for leaks in the ceiling and fix the source of the leak. In case there is a structural damage, consider replacing the entire ceiling.


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