5 ways journaling can lead to a healthy and productive life

Guest post by Sara, Jofelo LLC

I was lucky enough to be raised by two parents who are obsessed with reading avidly and with writing their own works too. One especially helpful byproduct of this is that my mother always encouraged me to write in a daily in a Jofelo journal. She told me that it was one of the best ways possible to let my feelings out, but that it was also an effective way of remembering important milestones or special memories.

I don't think that as a kid I realized just how important journaling would be for me, though. I would often get distracted when I was younger and forget to write anything in my journal for weeks on end. But even with those gaps, I've realized now that I'm older that hanging onto those old journals was well worth it. Being able to look back on old projects of mine and my plans for the future has helped me not just to feel encouraged about how far I have come, but to stay on track with my current goals too.

That's why now I do write every single day. Sometimes it's as simple as recording the weather or what I cooked for dinner. But no matter how mundane or exciting the content of my entries might be, building the habit of consistently journaling has steadily introduced discipline into my life again.

Writing in a diary daily means all my ideas for work and creative projects are in one place and I never have to worry that I am forgetting some important lightbulb-moment. It also offers a safe space for me to work through my emotions and keep track of things like how much sleep I am getting, if I am keeping on track with my dietary needs, or if there are any important symptoms I might need to bring up to my doctor.

All of these make it easier to map out the healthiest life I can have, physically and mentally. Whether I'm recording something as simple as when I have headaches, or if I have spent time with friends lately, I know I can look back and smile at the good memories and have a resource at hand to track problems.

Overall, I really would recommend everyone give journaling a try. It doesn't have to be fancy or artistic. Just having a place you can write down stray thoughts can bring a lot of peace. I know it has helped me prevent anxiety over whether or not I'm forgetting something important, as well as helping when I feel like things are too bottled up and I just need to vent a little. I think everyone can use that kind of space every now and then, even if it's not fun to admit. A journal is a reliable friend that can listen to and keep any secrets, and just the act of writing down your thoughts once or twice a day will go a long way towards changing how you feel by the end of it.


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