5 ways to maintain your air conditioning system

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Your air conditioning system keeps your house comfortable for you during the hot season as well as during the cold season. As such, you have to do everything possible to ensure that the air conditioning system is working all the time. This can only be possible if you keep the system maintained all the time. In the event that the air conditioning split system is not working, then you have to call a technician to come over and do the right kind of repairs. However, with proper care and maintenance, your air conditioning system should serve you adequately.

Here are 5 ways to maintain your air conditioning system:

  1. Keep the system clean

A clean air conditioning system works better. This is the case for car air conditioners and indeed all sorts of air conditioners. Your cooling and heating system is composed of a furnace, an AC and a heat pump. All these things work together to ensure that the air conditioning system is working at its best. You should clean both the outer units and the inner units of the air conditioning system. You should always disconnect the power before you do any kind of cleaning of the system.

  1. Examine the Wiring of the air conditioning system

Air conditioning systems have lots of wires that make them work. These connections require being checked frequently so that all can be well. The heating and cooling system consists of many electric connections that have to be inspected professionally and any shortcomings should be dealt with as soon as possible. Remember to examine the wiring of the system when the power is off. If you own a meter, you could use it to test the efficiency of the system by checking the output. If you discover some problems with the wires or the wiring, you could call a qualified technician to look into them and make repairs.

  1. Check the Filter

Your air conditioning moves air through a filter. With time, this filter will build dirt and it will need to be replaced. However, before then, you need to clean it and ensure that it does not have any dirt that could hamper its smooth running. When it comes to the replacement of the filter, you should think of the pleated type of air filters as these last longer and are actually the best in the market.  A dirty filter will decrease the flow of air and this means that your AC will not be as efficient as it should be.

  1. Test the thermostat

Check the thermostat and ensure that it is functional. For the ACs that uses the old type of thermostats that are mechanical, you will have to eventually replace it with the modern type of thermostats that are efficient and better. If you can replace the thermostat with a programmable one, then you will save a lot of money when you set it to start maybe 30 minutes before you reach home.

  1. Check the fan and ensure its working efficiently

Check that all the fans are working well. This will keep the system working efficiently and will ensure that the system does not overheat. You should cut the power and check the fan blades. If the blades have any chips or cracks, they need to be replaced. If the blades are dirty or have some debris, then they should be cleaned for efficient working.


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