7 alternative sources for high quality meat

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The benefits of alternative sources for high quality meat are vast. Conventional meat sources come with many pitfalls that alternative sources do not, such as the use of antibiotics and hormones in animals, animal cruelty and abuse, environmental degradation from factory farms and feedlots to produce cheap meats, pesticides used on feed crops which seep into water supplies. These alternative sources offer a healthier lifestyle without compromise!

There used to be a great company online that sold high quality, ethical meat: Zaycon Fresh. Unfortunately they had to close their doors a few years back, leaving many families looking for an alternative source for good meat.

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If you include meat in your diet, choose grass-fed meat. Food that's as close to “wild” as possible, where animals are able to eat a natural diet with a higher quality of life, is usually the most nutritious and lower in toxins. It all comes down to avoiding CAFO (Contained Animal Feeding Operation) meat. CAFO meat production is inhumane, awful for the environment and yields food that's higher in antibiotics and far less nutritious.

Where Can I Buy High Quality Meat?

You can buy grass fed meat from a local pasture-based farm (Find one near you using EatWild.com's map) or online. Hunting, raising your own animals, or joining a local coop to get meat are a few other options. Some people also choose to go plant-based altogether instead.

If you want to find high quality meat online, check out these sources:

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Northern Waters Smokehaus

I'm obsessed with this eatery in Duluth, MN. They have specialty and smoked meats and fish that you can order on their website.


ButcherBox has monthly meat delivery plans and offers 100% grass fed beef, free range chicken, and heritage pork. This is the most budget- and family- friendly option I found online!

Where do you source high quality meat for your family?


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