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One of the biggest challenges when it comes to self care is keeping a consistent practice. Some of us have a harder time with routines than others. Sometimes life circumstances are overwhelming.

Prioritizing needs is the ultimate act of self care – the one that should come first. I've talked before about how we can use Maslow's hierarchy of needs to set self-care priorities. Basically, you need to make sure you have the basics – food, water, shelter, clothing – met first.  

It sounds so simple, but we put our basic needs aside in a ton of everyday situations.

Have you ever….

  • Skipped a meal because you were too busy?
  • Struggled to find time to take a shower?
  • Felt like you're always behind, burned out, and frazzled?

Creating a consistent self care practice involves meeting all these basic needs first. 

For 7 days, the Seeds of Self Care challenge focuses on the physiological + safety needs of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. There's guidance for you on:

  • Building a self care routine that you can stick to
  • Creating a good sleep pattern so you feel rested and recharged
  • Reducing your exposure to toxic home, health, and beauty products
  • Making your home the haven it's meant to be
  • Feeling good about yourself and feeling safe to express who you really are
  • Breathing practices that can help you curb anxiety and feel more energized
  • Establishing boundaries so you feel safe physically and emotionally

Each day builds on what's already been talked about so you can finally start to get some consistency around your most foundational self-care needs.

The challenge is self-paced, but you'll have access to group support no matter when you jump in. It doesn't cost anything to participate. The time commitment is about a half hour to an hour per day. That hour spent caring for yourself will greatly improve the quality of the other hours in your day.

You can sign up for the challenge here.

Once you sign up, you'll get a welcome email with your challenge workbook, a link to our Facebook group, and daily emails for each new self care practice for 7 days. You can sign up for the challenge right here. 

From there, you'll continue to have access to the group so you can be supported on your self care journey.

Life is never going to be perfect but it can always be beautiful.  Here's to blooming where you're planted… starting now.

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