7 Habits That Ward Off Stress

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Stress, unfortunately, is a reality we all must face. While you can’t avoid it completely, practicing healthy habits can lead to a more enjoyable and productive way of life. Here are a few ways to balance out your lifestyle so that the stressful parts can't overwhelm you as easily.

We all face stress, but it doesn't have to lead to overwhelm. Here are a few habits to balance out your lifestyle. ✌️
1. Learn the Power of No

How many items on your schedule could you have avoided by simply saying no? Whether it’s helping a friend move or taking on extra projects at work, it’s important to be realistic about your limits and know when to say no. This is an area I've struggled with a lot, but I see a real difference in my life now that I'm intentional about saying “no” more than “yes.” While it can be difficult, learning to say no will help you avoid stress and be more productive in other areas of your life.

2. Spend Time in Nature

Unplugging from technology and spending time outdoors – even if only for a few minutes – is a great way to gain clarity and center yourself. It's one of my favorite ways to snap out of stress.

3. Decompress Daily

Everyone has different ways to relax. Whether it’s meditation, keeping a journal, working on a hobby or going for a walk around the neighborhood, make decompression a priority each day.

4. Make Time to Be on Time

This one might be common sense, but if you’re chronically running late for everything, stop fighting the clock. Make it a point to be early whenever possible.

5. Move Your Body

Make an effort to get out there and move your body at least a few times a week. Exercise positively effects your stress levels and overall mental and physical well-being.

6. Get Enough Sleep

One of the biggest causes of unchecked stress is poor sleeping habits. The less sleep you get, the more on edge you may feel throughout the day. A full night’s sleep will leave you better equipped to face stressful situations.

7. Make Fun a Priority

Do whatever makes you smile as much as possible. Love board games? Invite friends over for a weekly game night. Are you a joker? Try to work a laugh into your workday.

What are your favorite ways to fight stress and center yourself? Want more tips for dealing with stress? Check out this post I wrote awhile back!


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