7 Hanging Plants that Thrive in a Bathroom and How to Hang Them

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Hanging plants in the bathroom are not just a fun way to spruce up your space, but they also provide many benefits. Plants can help improve indoor air quality by acting as a sort of natural air purifier. They are also an attractive addition to any room! In this blog post we will discuss 7 hanging plants that thrive in a bathroom and how to hang them.

We will cover how to hang different types of plants on shower curtains or hooks, what type of plant is best for you and your specific needs (including low light), and some tips for keeping your plants alive longer so you don't have to replace them all too often.


Pothos is the type of plant that thrives in most environments. This fast growing, low light requirement makes for an excellent choice to cling to your shower curtain or hang from a hook near the window. One of the really convenient qualities of pothos is that it can grow in water – an attractive option if you don't necessarily want a pot of dirt hanging in your shower.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant provides similar benefits as Pothos but needs more sunlight than other types like it do so make sure you place this higher up on your wall to get enough natural light exposure daily! The hanging hooks are perfect because they allow air flow below them and gives these high level varieties some room too grow upward while still getting ample amount of sun rays all day long.

Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig is an excellent pick for areas that are a bit more humid. These guys love their hanging hooks and can handle being at eye level in the bathroom! The creases give this plant its distinctive look as well as extra surface space to make contact with water droplets from your shower head or bathtub faucet.

Croton Plants

A Croton Plant will thrive best with lots of natural light, so only choose one of these beauties if you have a large, bright window in your bathroom. You can always supplement with a plant light if you wish, too.

String of Pearls

String of Pearls is one plant that loves the humidity. With their large, waxy leaves these plants can take a lot and will grow very well in your bathroom with all those steamy showers!

Variegated Snake Plant

The Variegated Snake Plants are excellent for hanging from the top inside edge of any shower or tub enclosure but will thrive pretty much anywhere.

Peace Lily

A Peace Lily likes it best when you don't let them dry out too often. These little guys need lots of water (so make sure there's always some near by) but if you give them plenty this beautiful bulbous-like flower blooms frequently for you!

How to Hang Plants in Your Bathroom

There are a few ways to go about hanging plants in your shower or bathroom.

– Hanging plants in the shower: Some people like to hang their potted plant from a hook on the ceiling or wall.

– Hang them outside your bathroom window for easy access and fresh air!

– You can also use towel hooks, magnets, suction cups, etc. to hold them up where you want them. Make sure you know what kind of surface (walls, metal) they will be hanging onto so that it doesn't damage anything or fall off too easily once wet with water droplets from soaking or steamy hot showers.

– Sticky hooks are incredibly easy to place and since they are easily removeable, can be an attractive option for renters. My favorite are these ones, which hold up to 13 pounds.

– If you want to hang them from the ceiling, mount a fishing line above your shower head for easy access.

Hanging plants in your bathroom can be a great way to brighten up your space and add some life.

What plants are you looking forward to hanging in your space?


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