A bunch of ways you can turn a bad day around.

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You ever have one of those days where Everything Sucks?

I sure do.

And I usually seize those days in a bad, bad way. I swear too much, I snap at my kids, I roll my eyes at everyone and it's all just very “poor, poor, me.”

I get mad that I'm the only one who does the dishes and feeds the dog and I'm already trying to make lunch and a small person needs their butt wiped but I'm crabby so that small person tries do it themselves and now the situation is just completely out of hand and do I finish handling the food first or go take care of the Poop Problem and oh, look, it's raining on the dry clothes that are hanging out on the line.

I'm certainly not proud of myself.

Awareness is the first step, right? I'm learning that we don't need to sacrifice these days on the altar of negativity. They can be redeemed! Turned right around! There are lots of ways to do it.

You don't have to sacrifice a bad day on the altar of negativity - it can be redeemed!

A good blogger would have come up with a very specific and metric-driven number of ways to turn a bad day around, but I can see myself adding to this list in the future and I don't want to make a new graphic for Pinterest every single time, so we'll just put these all into a bunch.

Some of them are cliches, but that's because they work.

  1. Straighten up. Sure, it doesn't sound very fun, but you'll feel better and thing more clearly with less clutter.
  2. Diffuse essential oils that help mellow anxiety.
  3. Look at the humor section on Pinterest.
  4. Or maybe the quotes section if that's more your cup of tea.
  5. Call a loved one you haven't talked to in awhile and catch up.
  6. Tell someone what you appreciate about them.
  7. Put on a nice outfit, fix your hair, and put on some makeup if you wear it. Feeling cute is nice.
  8. Get outside. If weather permits, head out to your yard or to a park to read or just sit.
  9. Think about how far you've come. How have you learned and grown in the last year? 5 years?
  10. Read articles on something you've been wanting to learn more about. Redirect your negative energy into learning something new and enriching your life.
  11. Practice gratitude. Perspectacles-style.
  12. Turn on your favorite song and dance. Do it again. and again.
  13. Write down everything that's bothering you. Don't self-edit – just dump it all out on a page. Go back and cross out the things that aren't really a big deal. What's left? Can you change it? Can you let it go?
  14. Help someone. Bake cookies for someone. Send an encouraging email. Bring coffee to a friend who's busy at work. Anything.
  15. Finish a task that's nagging at you. Just jump right in and get it done.
  16. Think about the last GREAT day you had. Take yourself back there and just play it out in your mind for a few minutes. Appreciate it.
  17. Cry. If you have a good cry coming, don't hold it in. Just let it out. Then wash your face, drink a glass of water, and take a nap.
  18. Don't compare. Don't look at your social media feeds right now. If anything, look at your own page. I try to make a habit of only posting positive things on social media (I'm not a master of this or anything by any means.) and when I'm in a funk it's nice to be able to look back on those things and see others' encouraging comments.

And always remember:

a bunch of ways to turn a bad day around.


What would you add to this list? Leave a comment and I'll keep adding to this post. (Unless things get really out of control. YOU KNOW.)


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26 Responses

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    When I am having a bad day, Damn You Autocorrect is my go to place to get a laugh!! It never fails.

  2. Gladys Parker

    I try to watch a sitcom or (way back when) cuddle up with one of the kids and take a nap. Listen to some comforting music but usually I just ended up crying.

  3. Kungphoo

    I diffuse by taking a drive and then when i come home my thoughts are collected and i can have a conversation about what is going on with whomever it needs to be with.

  4. Robin

    Thank you for this post! Sometimes it feels like the bad days can drag you down. These are great ideas to get back up!

  5. Kori

    I try to visit my favorite humor based Facebook pages, or I’ll take a social media break and just write. Sometimes I find being able to get out my emotions is all I need.

    • Kylie

      I need to step away from social media on these days or at least not look through my regular feed. But there are certain pages that definitely help!

  6. Misty Battle

    So needed this today. I am having a real bad day here. I usually soak in a long hot bath to calm down and relax. That is what I did tonight.

  7. Liz Mays

    When I find it really difficult to reframe things positively, I’ll take a little nap. When I wake up, I usually have a better outlook.

  8. Yona Williams

    I agree….sometimes a really good cry helps. For me, I just go to bed for a bit, even when I’m not tired. When I wake up, I feel energized and rejuvenated…and for some reason, sleep helps me take a moment away from all of the chaos. And, then I cry (just kidding). I would also say that dogs help…they know when you feel down, and they know just when to give you a nuzzle (or nudge) to make you feel better.

  9. Tamika

    When I have a bad day. I make me a cup of coffee and pin to my Inspiration Pinterest Board. It makes me feel better after the reinforcement of encouragement and coffee makes everything better.

  10. Trish

    I love your ideas! I have SO many days like the one you described and a bad attitude certainly doesn’t help the situation, as I have found out many times 🙂

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