A crystal healer’s tips for everyday self-care

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Self care involves all the actions that we take in order to better ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically. It can be the key to managing stress, chronic illness,and the general ups and downs of life. Self-care is not something that makes into a negative narcissistic, self-absorbed person. In fact, it actually can make you into a better functioning person in your job, your career, and even your relationships. Do you want to learn how to up your self-care game with crystals?

In a nutshell, crystal healing works because everything is energy – including you and me. Crystal energy affects our energies in a positive way and that is how the healing happens. For example, chrysoprase has an energy that is strong in the aspects of love, hope, and renewal. If you are lacking in those areas, spending time with chrysoprase can help bring those energies into your life.

Here are the best crystals for self care:

Rose quartz – This is one of my favorite crystals and I use it with my clients all the time! Rose quartz emanates a high-vibratory loving energy that helps heal and cleanse the emotional system.

Blue calcite – Blue calcite is the ultimate calming crystal. I use this often with people who have anxiety.

Chrysoprase – Chrysoprase has a wonderful hopeful energy. Especially useful when you are needing hope and renewal in the relationship and love aspect of your life.

Smokey Quartz – This crystal teaches you to take care of your physical body. The energy subtly pushes you to make better decisions for yourself and be more in-tune with your needs.

The easiest way to work with these crystals would be to meditate with them and carry them around with you. You do not have to go through fancy rituals to work with crystals or charge them in a certain way. Some other ways to work with crystals are:

  • Setting your crystals down next to your glass of water to make a gem elixir that you can add to a self-care bath
  • Do some gentle stretching with smokey quartz nearby
  • Take a meditative walk with your crystal
  • Write down your hopes for the future with chrysoprase
  • Place crystals under your pillow (especially blue calcite)
  • Make a list of things you love about yourself while holding some rose quartz
  • Spend some barefoot time outside with smokey quartz

While writing this list of crystals I have actually realized that some of my favorite crystals are the ones that help me take care of myself! Sure, I have crystals that help me with lucid dreaming, crystals that help me increase my psychic abilities, and crystals that help me with healing other people. The crystals I reach for most of the time are the ones that help me take care of myself in everyday life. I believe that crystal healing should be practical and useful – so these are some great crystals to get started with.

Lastly, try making a list. How do you currently take care of yourself? In what areas of your life is your self-care lacking? In what areas of your life are you feeling under-nourished?

Do you have a favorite crystal that you like to work with for self-care? Do you have other good self-care ideas? Let me know on Twitter @MedicineHarmony

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