Kylie Worthington
Kylie Worthington

My mission is to help women master self care so that they can truly bloom where they’re planted.

I’m passionate about this mission because I believe well women nurture strong families and strong families become thriving communities.

After seeing the devastating effects of self-neglect, low self-esteem, and toxic relationships, I founded Everblossom in 2009 to serve as a haven for holistic self-care. We've since grown into a a lifestyle brand that offers content, products, and services around holistic self care. 

You'll find DIY beauty projects, herbal recipes, and inspiration for mindful living.



“I am so happy I found your blog and website. Thank you truly for all you've shared and all your natural DIY products! “

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Company History

  • 2009: Founded: 2009
  • 2011: Skincare line launch on Etsy
  • 2014: Product line + website relaunch
  • 2015: Expanded beyond green beauty to serve the holistic community as a whole.
  • 2018: Began building Everblossom's first holistic wellness center.


Self Care Mastery

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