5 Alternatives to Sugar That WILL Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Guest post by Jennifer Rice Of Sugarsoil | Since we were children we have been programmed to eat sweet food. Sugar has become such a daily part of our lives that we don’t even notice everything that contains sugar. Even our so-called health food contains copious amounts of sugar. Can we sweeten our meals without compromising on our health? Fortunately, there are many alternatives to sugar we can consider. 

Quit sugar! It's one of the best things you can do for your health - here's why.

Maple syrup

There are very few sweet syrups that can compare to good old-fashioned maple syrup. It is still made the same way that it has been made for decades. After the tree sap has been boiled, the syrup can be dried and ground into maple sugar.

What makes this sweet alternative a healthy option is the amount of magnesium it contains.  This helps with maintaining healthy skin and bones. It also has small amounts of other nutrients and antioxidants which just makes it that extra little bit special.


Honey has been around for ages. Just like maple syrup, the way it’s made has never changed. There probably isn’t a more natural substitute for sugar than this golden treat.

For centuries honey has been utilized for its healing powers in fighting infections and healing wounds. In a study, done by the University of Memphis, athletes who consumed honey showed much steadier blood sugar and insulin levels for longer periods of time. The only thing to remember is that too much of a good thing can be bad as well.

Date Sugar

Many energy bars already harness the natural sugar and goodness found in dates. These brown bite-sized little snacks contain quite a list of nutrients including magnesium, manganese, potassium, vitamins B and K and some iron and calcium.

Although date sugar might not contain as many nutrients as its original counterpart. It still beats processed white sugar by a mile. Its sweetness also compares quite well with traditional sugars and one can even use less in recipes.

Coconut sugar

This substitute is made from the sap extract from the buds of coconut trees. It contains just about the same amount of calories as regular table sugar, but like some of these other alternatives to sugar, it also has some nutrients to ease the conscious. The best reason for opting for this natural sweetener is the inulin that it contains.

It is an indigestible carb that acts as a type of food for beneficial bacteria in the gut. The environmental impact of producing coconut sugar is also quite substantial, seeing that coconut trees need minimal water.


If you are overweight, have diabetes, or struggle with your blood sugar, then you should highly consider using stevia as a sugar substitute. This natural sweetener is made from the leaf of a flowering plant and has no calories.

This sweetener is very versatile and some companies have put their own little twist on the flavoring. It might sound weird, but although stevia is super sweet, it contains no sugar. This makes it the ideal weight watcher companion. But with any of these alternatives to sugar, you can turn it into something bad if you overuse it.  

5 alternatives to sugar

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Jennifer Rice is a lover of all things living and has dedicated her life to making a difference to all those who cross her path. She has a passion for mind and body movement has led her into a long and successful career in pilates; teaching on a global scale, with clients in Canada, New Zealand, Dubai, LA, Jordan and most recently Spain.

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