Caring for Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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I geek out hardcore over microfiber cleaning cloths and that's because they just plain work, really well! Caring for microfiber cleaning cloths isn't exactly a no-brainer, though, so here's some handy info to help you keep them in good shape for as long as possible.

Microfiber cloths are composed of extremely fine, densely-woven fibers, which makes them more absorbent and adhesive than ordinary cloths. Because they are reusable, and work without using detergents or cleaning chemicals, they are an eco-friendly way to clean. There are various kinds of microfiber cloths for different jobs. Here are some of the different types, what they are used for, and how they work.

Bath towels and washcloths

With a texture reminiscent of terry cloth, microfiber bath towels are reputed to absorb water from hair and skin more efficiently and quickly than traditional terry towels. Microfiber washcloths clean the skin gently and thoroughly without harsh cleansers, making them ideal for acne sufferers.

For make-up wearers, removing such substances from the skin can involve a lot of time, scrubbing, and cleanser. But microfiber washcloths are said to facilitate make-up removal without extensive use of soap or other cleansers. Proponents claim that they also air-dry faster.

They come in a variety of colors to suit most bathrooms as well.

Microfiber “suede” cloths

These kinds of microfiber cloths are ideal for dusting. They have a velvety, suede-like surface that is good for computer screens and table tops. They also work to clean CDs and DVDs.

Optical microfiber cloths

These also have a suede-like feel, and will clean optical lenses without chemicals or scratching. Like the suede microfiber cloths, they are also good for CDs and DVDs. These are convenient for a purse or pocket, and you won't have to find a water source or chemical cleaner when you need to see more clearly.

Waffle-weave microfiber

This soft and absorbent kind of microfiber weave can be used to dry your skin as well as hard surfaces like boats and cars.


Usually held onto the mop head by Velcro, microfiber mops can be used to clean hardwood, vinyl and linoleum flooring, as well as cars, boats, and RVs. caring for microfiber

Caring for Microfiber

Microfiber cloths can be washed and reused, but bear the following tips in mind when washing your microfiber cloths:

-Hand or machine washing is fine.
-Do not use bleach (it damages the fibers).
-Do not use fabric softener, as it creates a film on the fibers.
-Be careful when drying them with other clothes, because they can pick up lint from other fabrics.
-Dry on low heat or air dry.

Microfiber cloths can be used wet or dry, depending on the job at hand and the kind of cloth you are using. They are an economical alternative to paper towels, and a more effective and efficient cleaning option than typical cloths or rags. You save a ton by using them at home – imagine how much an apartment cleaning service would save!

My Favorite Brands

One tip I have for buying them isn't brand specific, because it seems to me that they're all quite similar and the brand just depends on where you get them. BUT if you look for microfiber “auto care” cloths, these are great for cleaning in the home as well. And they're cheap!

The grandparents actually gave them to us all as sort of “stocking stuffers” one year and I think that is just fantastic.

If you are looking for more of a premium cleaning towel, the e-cloth is uh-mazing. I love it because it has a little scrubby corner for super-gunky situations.

Do you use microfiber? What are your thoughts?


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  1. heather

    I love my microfiber cloths! I have 4 different colors, each for their own purpose, like bathroom, kitchen, animal cleanup and general dusting. I usually wash them as their own load, because they do pick up a lot of lint!

  2. Joann Woolley

    I just got the e-cloth recently and need to start using it – thanks for the reminder! I’m glad to have read your tips so I don’t ruin it.

  3. nicole dz

    Awesome tips for ease of care for microfiber, which I use often. Love them!

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