DIY Hyperpigmentation Serum

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I get so many questions about specific skincare issues ~ it seems everyone would prefer to use plant-based products. I like this trend! I’ve written about using tea tree oil for acne, blending other essential oils for acne, and countless … Continued

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10 Protein-Rich Plants

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I’ve been a vegetarian for almost five years now, and the questions I’m asked most frequently all have to do with how I get enough protein. In a society where we’ve learned to equate “protein” with “meat,” many people are … Continued

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Bladder Leakage During Pregnancy

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Even though it’s not talked about all that often, bladder leakage during pregnancy is totally normal. I didn’t really experience it during my first pregnancy, but I definitely did during my second and third pregnancies! Any time I laughed, sneezed, … Continued

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