How charcoal soap goes above and beyond

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I have a number of naturally-minded friends who have raved about activated charcoal for different purposes, but I still hadn't given it a try until recently.

What makes activated charcoal so useful is that it draws toxins – attracting out of and away from the body. In fact, it can even be used in gas masks to prevent chemical poisoning and to purify water.

It turns out, this toxin-drawing property also makes activated charcoal beneficial for skin care! I got to see the benefits firsthand when my family used a few different kinds of charcoal soap from SoapBox soaps.

Activated charcoal in soap?! It's pretty great - here's why.

Clean Pores with Charcoal Soap

Soothes acne. I don't struggle with acne all that much anymore, aside from the occasional blemish – but a lot of people find that charcoal soap helps clear up breakouts like no other! Try it if you're looking for a natural treatment for acne. I do have to keep on top of blackheads in my skincare routine, however, and when I washed my face with the Black Bar Soap from SoapBox, it really kept my skin clean and exfoliated perfectly – I had clean pores but it didn't irritate my skin. Perfect! I just used the bar directly on my face.

Super Cleansing Hand Soap

Activated charcoal in soap?! It's pretty great - here's why.

My man gets super dirty throughout the day at work, and works around ag chemicals – which kind of terrifies me, to be honest! I feel good knowing that he's washing up with a soap that has toxin-drawing properties. And he doesn't find it overly “girly.” 🙂

SoapBox also includes other skin nourishing ingredients like shea butter and exfoliating sea salt. It also smells amazing!

SoapBox: Changing The World

SoapBox doesn't just have awesome products: they're also on a mission to change the world! I love supporting companies that build giving into their business model: here are a few ways SoapBox Soaps is doing that! Changing the world - one bar at a time!

  • For every bar purchased, they give a bar of soap to a child in need.
  • For every body wash purchased, they donate a supply of vitamins to someone in need.
  • Every liquid hand soap purchased supplies a 1 month supply of water to those in need.

I couldn't be prouder to support the mission SoapBox is on.

Wanna try SoapBox Soaps for yourself?! You can shop right here and support amazing causes around the world.


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22 Responses

  1. Megan

    What an awesome company and mission! Can’t wait to try out these products!

  2. Roxana S.

    Least amount of chemicals as possible and a low level listing on the EWG website.

  3. Lisa Coomer Queen

    It is more that the soap products I buy are all natural. This sounds like an awesome soap and I’d love to try it!

  4. Tammy C

    I have been slowly transitioning to all-natural products and I would love to try this soap. Thank you!

  5. Rachel-Rebecka

    When I choose soap, what’s important to me is what’s in it. I have very sensitive skin, and battle constant eczema, so the more natural the soap, the better it is on my skin. There is a soap that is made by a woman locally that I just absolutely love. Since I started using it, my skin has been lovely. 🙂

  6. Claudia Phillips

    My 5-year-old grandson thinks it’s fun to use charcoal soap at my house. The bubbles are black, but you get clean. Cool.

  7. M.Clark

    When choosing the soap I use, it is important that it is hydrating and that it has a nice fragrance.

  8. Rebecca B

    I have to have soap that is gentle on sensitive skin, and I prefer soaps that are organic.

  9. Sherry Shoemaker

    I’ve been slowly making the switch to all-natural products in my daily life. I can’t wait to try SoapBox Soaps! And to know that with every purchase, it’s helping someone else around the world…that is awesome. I love to support companies such as this.

  10. Tammy

    I have switched to using only all natural soap, usually hand made to support local businesses/artisans. 🙂

  11. Jennifer Johansen

    I never buy soap that can’t be used on my eczema-prone kid. I look for brands that only have ingredients I can pronounce.

  12. Lillian Snow

    I also use some nice products made from charcoal and I must say it’s great with toxins. I could give soapbox a try because I love their mission to help change the world.

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