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More and more people are going green and making more environmentally-sound choices these days. They do so for several different reasons, the most obvious of which is that we need to protect and preserve our planet for our own sake. You may have already started bringing your own reusable bag to the supermarket to save on paper or plastic, or switched to reusable straws, but if you’re not sure how to make your beauty routine greener, here are some amazing green beauty products for you to try:

Plant-Based Beauty Products

For well-made natural beauty products, you can’t go wrong with Well Within Beauty, whose products are available via They offer a range of high quality, plant based skincare essentials from makeup removers and cleansers to gentle yet effective exfoliators that work to make your skin healthy and radiant.

One must-try product from Well Within Beauty is their organic antioxidant moisturizer. This wonderful product works to both nourish and protect your skin by delivering long-lasting hydration while shielding it from environmental damage. It is made from a vitamin-rich blend of avocado, passion flower, acai berry and botanicals loaded with antioxidants. This powerful combination reduces inflammation, helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and fights against free radicals while moisturizing your skin from deep within.

Natural Facial Oils

The thought of putting oil on your skin may want to send you running, especially if you already have oily or combination skin. The truth is that all skin types can benefit from regular use of facial oils.

Facial oils are packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that all work together to combat common skin problems like dullness, dark spots and wrinkles. There is a wide variety of facial oils to choose from, each one targeting a different skin concern. Some of the most popular oils include rosehip oil for its powerful anti-aging abilities, tea tree oil for its antibacterial and anti-acne properties, and jojoba oil for its superior hydrating abilities.

The best part about using facial oils is that they are all natural and organic, making them a great green choice for environmentally conscious beauty buffs.

Naked Beauty Products

“Naked” skincare products are becoming increasingly popular these days when a lot of people want to make greener choices. “Naked” means products are packaged with minimal material—or in some cases, with no packaging at all. Lush is one such brand that tries to eliminate packaging as much as possible by offering personal care products in solid form, like their popular shampoo and conditioner bars.

Lots of other brands are jumping on the “naked” bandwagon, offering products in recycled or reusable packaging, cloth instead of plastic, or completely free from any packaging. You can usually buy their products by the gram, and choose to bring your own containers to reduce packaging waste and help reduce the amount of non-biodegradable materials that piling up in landfills.

Going green may be a big change for some people, and it may require completely overhauling your lifestyle. Fortunately, at least on the beauty front, many companies have made it easier for consumers to go green by offering more environment-friendly options and developing green ranges.


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