Ditch disposables in your kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the main places a lot of our trash comes from, and I'm guessing that's true for most families – paper towels, food packaging and other waste all adds up! One of the biggest ways to cut back on waste in your home is to switch to reusable items wherever you can – especially in the kitchen!
I connected with Carmen of Natural Linens during an event and was blessed to be able to be able to try their Organic Cuisine Sampler Pack which has a fantastic variety of cloth items for the kitchen. The set contains:
  • 12 organic “unpaper towels.” I love these! They can be used for practically everything, from cleaning up messes, wiping little boy faces, or really anywhere you'd normally reach for a paper towel. They also clean really well and come out looking fresh as ever.
  • 5 organic tea bags. I haven't tried these yet – too hot for tea! But they are a generous size for loose-leaf tea and I think I'm even going to give them a go as toddler-sized snack bags.
  • Two organic cotton snack bags. These are great for taking snacks along on the go – crackers, nuts, dried fruit & the like!
  • 1 sandwich/snack bag. Just a cloth version of a plastic sandwich bag. I love the way this and the snack bags are made with flaps like a disposable sandwich bag so you can close them up really well! Also, I was worried that the cloth would let my homemade bread “breathe” too much and dry out by lunch time (this can be an issue!), but my husband assured me that lunch was as delicious as ever. 🙂
I absolutely love all of the products in the sampler pack and would recommend it to anyone looking to replace some of the disposable items at home.
Organic Cuisine Sampler with Organic Tea Bags, Organic Un Paper Eco Towel, Organic Sandwich Bags
Not to mention, I love what this company is all about! Natural Linens is a family run business that is dedicated to offering eco-friendly alternatives to many disposable household goods. Here is a little background on their wonderful team:
We are a family run business dedicated to providing practical, handmade items for your home at affordable prices. We offer quality, ECO-friendly items made with 100% natural fabrics. You will also find 100% certified organic handmade products. We strive to pay attention to detail in each product we sell!John serves as a business adviser and idea evaluator. Many of our product lines have received his thoughtful and careful analysis prior to being listed in the shop. You can sometimes find him at the cutting table with a roll of birds-eye or muslin fabric beside him. John also enjoys playing the guitar, savoring nature, and spending time with family.

Carmen, the maman, learned to sew as a young girl and has always enjoyed it. Now her many years of experience are being culminated in her role as the seamstress of Natural Linens. Although sewing is one of Carmen's favorite creative outlets, she also enjoys knitting, reading, and spending time with family in the great outdoors.

Zachary serves as the graphic design/tech guy for Natural Linens. He helps out with logos, marketing, and other website or visual-related aspects of Natural Linens. Zachary also enjoys bow-making, knife-making, and other survival and outdoors-related arts.

Leah mainly works in the shipping department, but also helps cut fabric and serves as editor/writer for Natural Linens. When not helping out with the business, Leah enjoys studying music, practicing the piano and violin, and listening to classical music.

She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. Proverbs 31:13


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  1. Amy

    I like the round coffee filters. I compost the paper filters with the grounds, but not needing to ever buy paper filters would be great.

  2. Georgette C

    I am intrigued by multiple things- I would say the unpaper towels b/c regular paper towels are such a waste. The coffee filters also look great.

  3. Alisha Hodges

    My favorite product is the Reusable Un Paper Eco Friendly Towels – Organic Birdseye Unbleached Cotton.

  4. Sarah Hull

    I really like the Reusable Un paper Eco Friendly Towels with Brown Edges — Organic Birdseye Unbleached Cotton — Set of 24

  5. Anonymous

    Reusable Un paper Eco Friendly Towels — Organic Birdseye Unbleached Cotton
    rierie11booger (@) yahoo.com

  6. Xaka

    Totally awesome! I didn’t use paper towels for many years (was also toilet-paper free for years…hate buying instant trash), but I started, again, in the last year because I’ve yet to find a good, easy cloth alternative. I look forward to being able to try these unpaper towels.

  7. Paul T / Pauline T

    I like the Reusable Un paper Eco Friendly Towels with Purple Edges — Organic Birdseye Unbleached Cotton — Set of 48 – Paul Tran ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  8. Terra H.

    Decorative Pillow Cover Blue Stripe Ticking Nautical Cotton Slip Cover 18 X 18

  9. Stephanie H.

    I love the Ruffled White Linen Hand Towel Natural Napkin Dish Towel, Set of 2 and the prices are wonderful

    lpninpain at gmail dot com

  10. Cálaeb T.

    Linen Pillow Cover Natural Slip Cover Decorative Eco Friendly 20 x 20 Set of 2!

    pintworks at hotmail dot com.

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