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A self care box can help you be more consistent with your self care. It's normal for many of us to look up every once in awhile and realize we've been neglecting ourselves. A self-care kit is a tool you can come to in those moments. As you see the items thoughtfully chosen beforehand, you'll be able to feel some direction about what you need. This is a real gift when we're feeling overwhelmed and neglected. 

Creating your own self care box helps you to reconnect with yourself so you can face what’s going on in your life. If you’re ready to put together a self-care box, here are a few items you may want to put in it. 

Self care box,

Pencils, Pens, and Journals

Nowadays, with the surge in popularity of coloring books for adults, journaling and journals have become more colorful than ever. Fill your self-care kit with items, like journals, pencils and colored pencils, pens, glue sticks, and other creative tools. 

Journaling counts as one of the most effective self-care tools you have at your disposal, according to The Positive Psychology Program website. The site says that journaling is a way to remind yourself of your goals. It’s also a place where you can converse with yourself in a thoughtful and safe way. 

Small Snacks and Teas

Some of what ails you could be metabolic issues that in turn affect your mood. While the snacks you put in your self-care kit may not be substantial, they might just remind you that it’s okay to feed yourself. 

Bars, herbal teas, and nourishing snacks can go a long way toward boosting your mood. And if you find that you are hungrier than what your snacks will satisfy, remind yourself that it’s okay to make yourself something bigger. 

Feel Good Media

There's a lot to be said for getting lost in a good movie or your favorite TV show when you want to unwind. The same can be said of your favorite music. These items could have a place in your self-care box, along with a set of good noise-canceling headphones to give yourself a break from the outside world. Of course many of us have digital versions of these things now, but the headphones can serve as a reminder to think about this self care practice.

Personal Items

Do you love the photo of your parents that was taken on the night they got engaged? Or an old letter of encouragement from your grandma? Or maybe a little book of drawings that you made when you were in third grade? 

Why not put these items in your self care kit? They offer you an instant mood boost and a dose of nostalgia, which is good for your mental health. 

Instead of trapping you in the past as some people believe, feelings of nostalgia actually increase your vitality and spirt. They help you maintain a sense of self-continuity, an important feeling, indeed, when life makes you feel like you’ve lost yourself. 

Herbal Helps

Your favorite essential oils, herbal supplements, and other concoctions all have a place in your self care box.

Beauty Favorites

What's that one thing that makes you feel like a million bucks? A fresh pedicure? Getting your hair done? Whatever it is for you, keep the supplies or maybe a gift card for your favorite beauty ritual in your kit.

SOS Support

Collect support resources for when you need them. Things like: a business card for a local cleaning company. A take out menu with healthy options. Anything that takes pressure off of you for when you need or want a break fits.

Final Thoughts

A self-care box can be a game changer for your mental health. The items you put into it allow you to reduce stress, to nourish yourself, and even to remind yourself of who you are. The suggestions in this post are just the beginning. An effective and comforting self-care kit should reflect you above all.


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