DIY Tooth Pain Remedy

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I recently had a wisdom tooth pulled. Although my teeth are pretty healthy, this one had been developing a cavity for a long time and became incredibly painful over the last few weeks. I tried a lot of things to relieve the pain before getting it pulled (which, honestly, I put off for far too long) and what ended up working best was a tooth pain remedy created from a combination of what friends and family recommended to me.

DIY essential oil toothache remedy

You'll need:

Boil water first, to make sure it's free of impurities. You can also use distilled water. When it cools down enough to drink, add 3/8 cup to a clean, sterilized jar. Add the sea salt and essential oils and shake it up to combine!

To use: Put a tablespoon or so of the mixture in your mouth and swish it around gently, trying to keep it mainly in the area of the tooth that's bothering you. 45 seconds or so ought to do the trick. Then spit it out! Don't swallow it!! You won't want to, anyway… it does NOT taste good.

The remedy will feel best if you use it while it's warm. This is easy the first time, but you'll need to reheat the mixture when you use it later or just use it at room temperature – don't heat it too much, though, as this can damage the effectiveness of the essential oils.

You don't have to store the jar in the refrigerator, and in fact, I wouldn't – because then it would be cold and it would hurt to use! The drastic change in temperature that would occur by reheating and refrigerating multiple times would also damage the essential oils. Keep it in your cupboard, out of light.

This remedy uses a lot of essential oils. I try to always make my recipes using a small amount of EOs, because they are so effective that you really don't need to use a lot. You also always want to be on the safe side and use the “smallest effective dose” so to speak to avoid sensitization.

But tooth pain is nothing to joke around about and this is meant to be a very temporary remedy to hold you over until you can see a dentist.

It definitely helped me feel a bit better until I was able to get in.. and I'm hoping I never need to use it again!

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Have you ever had painful dental problems? What has helped you?


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5 Responses

  1. Dianna Thomas

    Thanks for sharing — I know this works we used it for my husbands pain for about a week before we could get him to the dentist.

  2. David Smith

    My fiance just had to have 2 teeth removed this week. She had one removed on Monday and by Friday another was hurting bad enough that she had to have the other removed. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, she started having severe pain in the first tooth to be removed. She has pure clove oil that when she has severe tooth pain (inherited bad teeth), she puts a little on a cotton swab and applied it to the tooth. This is a little severe, but when the tooth pain is so severe that she cannot function, she has to do something. Fortunately now she has coverage that hopefully she will be able to get her dental work done that she needs. I like the addition of peppermint oil and sea salt in this remedy. Both will help to kill off bacteria I believe.

    • Kylie

      No good! Tooth pain is the absolute worst. Glad to hear your fiance has coverage to get her teeth taken care of now.

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