We all know we need to drink more water.

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We all know we need to drink more water.. Other than, you know, needing it to live, there are lots of other benefits too:

  • You'll have prettier skin, since drinking water is like inside-out moisturizing.
  • Drinking enough water helps your body expel toxins.
  • Hydration ensures that your body can carry nutrients to your cells, which not only makes you healthier/more energized, but helps your immune system as well.

How much water you need depends on a few different factors. The more active you are, the more you will need. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding also need more water than usual. To find out how much water you need, this calculator is pretty handy.

In order to make your new habit as earth friendly (and frugal!) as possible, don't resort to buying bottled water. Invest in a water bottle you love and determine how many refills you'll need throughout the day to meet your goal. Setting a reminder on your cell phone is a good way to remind yourself to fill up until it becomes a habit.
When choosing a water bottle, keep in mind that they aren't all created equally. Plastic water bottles can leak harmful chemicals into your water, so steer clear. Aluminum or stainless steel water bottles are a better bet. Before purchasing one, I recommend reading lots of reviews first – Nothing is more annoying that having a cute new water bottle to throw in your purse, only to find that it “sweats” or even LEAKS all over your stuff.
Another cool feature to look for is a built-in filter so you can refill pretty much anywhere with minimal worries. Again, do a little research first to make sure that filter costs, etc. are what you are comfortable committing to.
I've also heard nothing but RAVE reviews about FlyLady's water bottles. These ones aren't filtered, but they don't sweat and are pretty affordable.
Kleen Kanteen is a long time eco favorite. (Get one here.)
Kleen Kanteen 27oz Classic Lid
Good water bottles can be somewhat pricey, but consider how much you'll save over buying plastic water bottles. Also, having a water bottle in your bag means less spontaneous soda/juice/whatever purchases when you're out & about. It's so much easier to drink more water when you set yourself up for success.

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  1. Laura

    Oh I really like the idea of a bottle with a filter! Didn’t know those existed.

    I’ve been squeezing lemons in my water as often as possible. It’s delicious!

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