Dropper vs Pump: What’s better for skincare?

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Whether you like to make your own skincare products or are simply a beauty aficionado, you've probably seen serums, face oils, and other products come in all kinds of different packaging.

Glass bottles are a popular choice, especially for products that contain essential oils. Essential oils can break down many types of plastic, where glass won't compromise the product.

Especially useful are cobalt blue and amber glass bottles that block out UV light. This helps the product remain fresher, longer.

Less straightforward is the choice you have when it comes to bottle top types. You can get simple screw on caps, droppers, roller balls, or pumps.

Dropper vs Pump for Skincare Products?

Pump bottles are a better choice for skincare products for a few reasons.

  • Airtight pumps preserve sensitive ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, and many oils better and longer.
  • Pumps allow less frequent exposure, so the product inside is safer from bacteria and other contaminants.
  • Pumps are easier to use.
  • Pumps are more travel friendly.

Dropper bottles do have certain appeal, though. Some people really like to use them. They also cost much less than pump bottles, which is a bonus when you're making your own DIY skincare products. They are best for stable products that you'll use more quickly, since contamination is pretty easy with these types of bottles.

Do you have a favorite type of bottle for skincare products you make? What is your preference?


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