Easy DIY Balm with Shea Butter + Essential Oils

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love balms! They are so versatile + portable – and super easy to make! Here's an easy DIY balm method that you can make with just shea butter and essential oils. Easy method for medicinal balms with shea butter + essential oils

Why shea butter?

Most balms contain beeswax, but I don't usually include it anymore because the shea butter stays solid well enough. If you live where it is very hot, you might want to add a little beeswax to keep your balm solid.

If you follow this recipe to the letter, you'll end up with a soft balm that is very easy to work with.


  • 1/4 cup of shea butter
  • 1/8 tsp (12-13 drops) essential oil


You can use one essential oil or a blend of oils, depending on what you want to use the balm for! Here are a few ideas:

  • Muscle relaxer: ginger, cedarwood, peppermint (go easy – it can be harsh on the skin!), tea tree, rosemary
  • Burn soother: lavender, rose
  • Owie healer: tea tree, lavender, rosemary
  • For thirsty skin: lavender, chamomile, rose, geranium, sandalwood
  • For congestion: eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary

I love keeping two simple balms on hand: lavender balm + tea tree balm. They are both pretty versatile, so I find that I can use one of them for pretty much anything I might need.


  1. Melt your shea butter using a double boiler. Heat it just until it's all melted, to preserve the nutrients as much as possible! Once melted, add it to the container you'll be storing it in.
  2. Allow the shea butter to cool enough to where you can touch it comfortably. It will start looking a bit cloudy, but still be liquid. This is when you want to add your EOs. The reason you want to wait for it to cool a bit is so that the hot shea butter doesn't destroy the beneficial compounds of the essential oils you're using.
  3. Gently stir your balm – I use a chopstick 🙂 – or seal your container and swirl it around – don't shake! Be gentle. 🙂
  4. Put it somewhere cool to set.

That's really all there is to it! This method of using essential oils is much safer, as they are already diluted properly.


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58 Responses

  1. Mary Somerville

    I would like to make a balm that helps with headaches, or muscle aches.

  2. jo n

    I would like to make a balm for very dry skin – a healing balm with lavender and tea tree. Yes, this would need to help heal and protect broken skin.

    • Kylie

      You could definitely make a balm with coconut oil, but it would melt quite easily.

  3. Jeanette E.

    What a great DIY! I love essential oils and shea butter, but never thought to make my own. It sounds really simple! I would make a respiratory blend to use with my kids during cold/flu season! Maybe a nice blend for me too!

  4. Sue D

    All of them look great but I think the first I would try would be the Muscle Relaxer.

  5. Petra Varsányi

    I love the idea of a DIY Balm with Shea Butter + Essential Oils♥
    At the moment I’d need something for this cold with mint or eucalyptus.

  6. Elena

    I already knew this recipe, I did a few balm and I found that the one that works better for me is the chamomile one…it helps my skin a lot!!!

  7. Nikoletta

    Does peppermint oil dry your skin? I was thinking of using it and then you mentioned that it can be harsh on the skin. Btw, I just discovered your blog and I really like it. Can’t wait to read some more 🙂 Also, is the giveaway international?

    • Kylie

      Hi Nikoletta,

      Peppermint oil can definitely be drying. The only reason I would ever use it on my skin is to soothe muscle aches, and then I always make sure to dilute it as much as possible. I’m so glad you enjoy my blog! Welcome. 🙂

      The Mountain Rose Herbs giveaway is open to US and Canada.

  8. heather

    I would make something to be able to use on my poor, dry hands, especially after washing dishes! Ugh, winter just sucks all the moisture out of them 🙂

  9. Melissa S

    I am dying to try an after shave balm for men and women, so a neutral scented oil.

  10. Sarah

    I’d probably experiment and make balms with each of the EOs. What a great giveaway!

  11. DanetteDW

    Sounds easy enough to make but I just cant find the time to “make” anything at home. Busy Busy and when I am not busy, I am “doing” 10 things at once in my dreams. lol

  12. Brittany Thomas

    Currently I’d have to make a thirsty skin balm…our winter has been too dry for my poor skin!!

  13. Aurora P

    I would love to use coconut oil and add lavender oil. Love it!. Thanks for the recipe

  14. Melissa

    I would like to make a stretch mark balm and a muscle relaxer.
    That way when I’m stressed about my stretch marks, and can apply the balm and chill out with the relaxer! 🙂

  15. [email protected]

    I totally just donated half of all of my own herbal/essential oil collection to someone who just lost everything they own so this would be great to replenish with! Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  16. Liz Foster

    I would make a congestion balm. With 2 little ones and a hubby that works outside of the house, someone is bound to get sick, if not all. 🙂

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