It’s easier than you think to eat local

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Guest post by LeeOnna S. 

The going green revolution is taking the world by surprise, and is becoming something even bigger than many ever thought possible. People are changing the way they eat and how they live to be more eco-friendly. Going green has become a lifelong change for many families that seems to be more than just a fad or trend.

Eating Locally Isn't as Hard as You Think!

While you may be thinking that it’s hard to go green, in all actuality it’s quite simple. One great place to start is with the food you eat. Many people get confused when they hear about eating locally, and it often gets confused with eating organic foods. While that's a good step to take, too, people hear the word organic and automatically think of all the money that it requires. When you eat locally, organic food is far more affordable and is much fresher as well. There are more and more farmers markets that are popping up everywhere that provide locally grown food that is green. Eating locally grown food is much more sustainable, as the resources to ship the food are significantly diminished.

Farmers' markets offer produce such as fruits and vegetables among other foods at prices people can afford. The more popular these places become, the more affordable the food will become as well. As Kylie likes to shout in her posts, “Vote with your dollars, people!” This leads to farmers having more money to help create larger crops that are loaded with chemical and pesticide free food. Imagine being able to buy foods that the entire family can benefit from.

Many people don’t know that the food you find in supermarkets has traveled at least 1,000 miles if not more before it hits store shelves and this can lead to food that is spoiled or rotten by the time it arrives. Eating locally helps to eliminate the middle man which is where all of your hard earned money goes, and by buying locally grown food, you are saving money as well as giving more back to farmers allowing them to work just as hard to provide quality food.

Finding Locally Grown Food

In regards to getting started with eating locally, you’ll find it’s easier than you might think. To learn more about eating locally, there are a number of sites that can help provide valuable information and can include:

These sites are loaded with valuable tips and methods to help you learn what it means to eat locally and how to make the most out of your switch to live a greener lifestyle. You can even use to help locate farms that are nearby as well as farmers markets and where to find meat that is grass fed.

Eating locally helps out local businesses and can help you eat healthier without spending more money on food. You can live a better lifestyle and save money to use for other things.


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7 Responses

  1. Harvest Moon by Hand

    One of the local grocery stores here puts signs by locally-grown produce when it’s available (living in Minnesota, there’s no locally-grown produce in the winter due to the frozen soil and below-zero temperatures). I always will buy locally-grown food. Hopefully my purchase – combined with others – will send a message to the store to continue supporting local farmers.

  2. Romina

    I love shopping at farmers markets and have been doing so since college. Initially, it was more out of convenience since there is one down the street from the school. Now, I shop there to support local farmers, among others reasons. I do have to be careful to go to certified farmers markets. A friend used to work at one when he was younger since his family has a farm. He said that some vendors buy produce and sell them as their own. It totally defeats the purpose, I think, and is sort of cheating.

  3. Izzy Iftikar

    An article really worth a read! We all need to change our eating habits!We need to start feeling proud of our own produce. I’m really going to take the initiative to start going on a ‘only local produce’ diet

  4. Trisha

    We actually shop at the Farmers Markets for almost all of our fruits and veggies. It’s actually cheaper then at the grocery store! I’m lucky enough to live in the “Garden State” (New Jersey) so we have a lot of farms in the area that we can buy directly from also. It’s great!

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