How to make elderflower lemonade

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Elderflower recipes are a springtime favorite – there's only a short window of time each year when the trees are in bloom.

Elderflower champagne is a very popular herbal recipe that uses fresh elderflowers. That's why it's such a treat – it can really only be made in the spring time.

This recipe for elderflower lemonade is every bit as delicious and refreshing and because it uses elderflower syrup instead of fresh flowers, you can really make it any time of year! Give it a try whenever you're craving a light, sunny drink.

Lemons, honey, and elderflower syrup.

Ingredients for Elderflower Lemonade:


Add honey to 1 cup of the water in a small saucepan.

Heat gently over medium heat until honey is mixed well in the water and a simple honey syrup is created. Don’t overheat the raw honey – you'll lose some of the health benefits of it if you do.

Pour the syrup in a large pitcher. 

Add in the elderflower syrup and juice from the lemons 

Add in the remaining 5 cups of water and stir well. 

Add a generous amount of ice to the pitcher and serve. 

Tips: For a more sour lemonade add more lemons. For a sweeter lemonade add more elderflower syrup or more honey mixture.


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