Fabulous figs: the new superfruit

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Don't you love figs? A staple in many holiday recipes, they have a number of health benefits, too! Please welcome this guest post from David.

Don’t care a fig for figs? It’s time to change your tune. These gorgeous fruits may be overlooked but they’re delicious and full of health benefits – and they’re in season right now! Crammed full of potassium, dietary fibre and calcium, figs are fabulous for you and they’re scrumptious in both sweet and savoury dishes too.

If you’re thinking about getting figgy, here are a few fantastic reasons to do so, and some tasty recipes to help you incorporate this finger-licking fruit into your weekly menu – all inspired by the seasonal office fruit selection available at Fruitful Office!

Figs can reduce your blood pressure

If you’re bored of bananas, figs are a great source of potassium. Our modern diets are significantly deficient in potassium-rich fresh fruit and veg, but worryingly high in salty sodium. This is a dangerous combination of factors which can be a recipe for high blood pressure which can have all sorts of very scary health consequences – heart attacks included. Eating high potassium fruits like figs and bananas in conjunction with a lower fat diet has been shown to help blood pressure and cholesterol drop significantly to a much healthier level.

Figs could be a “wonderfruit”

You’ll probably have heard all about the benefits of blueberries, but it looks like they may well have a competitor in the form of figs. Figs may not have the impressive antioxidant levels of blueberries, but studies have shown that they could have many other powers. Fig leaves (to be enjoyed at your local 

Greek restaurant in the form of divine dolmades) have antidiabetic properties. Meanwhile, the fruit’s fibre has a positive effect on reducing the postmenopausal break cancer risk and the calcium in the fruit can promote bone density, keeping your fitter and stronger for longer.

For a posher pud, poach figs in a strong red wine with sugar, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and cardamom, then serve warm with vanilla ice cream. You may lose a few of the health benefits in the recipe, but it makes an absolutely scrumptious pudding.

Figs can help you to diet successfully

If you’re craving something sweet during a diet plan, figs are a fantastic choice. They’re not just a sweet, healthy option, they’re also full of dietary fibre which is great news if you’re trying to manage your weight. Dietary fibre helps you to feel fuller for longer and, in fig form, it keeps your calorie intake brilliantly low. Win, win, win!

Savory serving suggestions

Fig leaves are thought to be a great if you suffer from high blood sugar. If you’re diabetic, here’s a great excuse to wrap up and snaffle as many dolmades as possible. However, the fruits themselves are also delicious in savory meals. Combine with salty prosciutto and creamy mozzarella to create an unusual but divine pizza topping and you’ll see what we mean!

Sweet serving suggestions
Figs are a yummy sweet treat on their own, but they’re also delicious in sweet pudding form. Simply serve with Greek yogurt, chopped pistachios and honey for an easy treat in the office that will keep you going ‘til lunchtime.

David Tolly is a keen environmentalist and health advocate. He uses the blogging platform to extend his outreach globally in order to help more people live healthier and richer lives both mentally and physically. 


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