9 ways to freshen the air in your home, naturally

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Have you ever noticed that when you have more people spending time at home, you end up with far more messes and more smells. Makes sense.

So sometimes we need a little help, but you don't have to resort to toxic chemicals to make your home smell lovely.

Here are 9 tips and tools we can use to keep our homes naturally fresh.

Breathe happier! Nature provides everything we need for beautiful aromas in the home. Ditch the bronchial irritants and check out these tips for a naturally fresh home.

9 Tips for a Naturally Fresh Home

  1. Use potpourri.  You can make your own using dried herbs, flowers, fruits, and other natural materials. The Herbal Academy of New England has a recipe for fruity potpourri that sounds lovely.
  2. Keep plants in your home – they'll keep your home fresher as they produce oxygen.
  3. Use an aromatherapy spray. I make my own using hydrosols, and it's lovely (and safe!)
  4. Make your own natural fabric softener. Water and essential oils – that's all you need!
  5. Light candles… but only certain ones. While paraffin releases carcinogens into the air when you burn them, beeswax actually purifies the air as it's burned!
  6. Open up the windows as often as you can. Fresh air coming in helps a lot.
  7. Clean the floors. Bathroom and kitchen floors are the landing spot for a lot of odor-causing debris and… stuff.
  8. Clean out the garbage disposal. It's a common source of odor, since food can get trapped in there and start to smell funky.
  9. Shampoo the carpets. As often as you can, clean carpets to eliminate and prevent any odor-causing buildup.
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