Holistic makeup + beauty are taking over: about the movement + favorite products

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Makeup is created to enhance our beauty, but so much of it is actually really damaging to our skin. Holistic makeup offers that extra special touch while also providing nourishment to our skin. With so many green and holistic makeup brands hitting the beauty scene lately, we can explore new looks in a healthier way than ever before. Here are some brands offering stunning holistic makeup and beauty products plus some tips and recipes for making your own.

Holistic makeup and beauty products

When it comes to health, the concept of holism illustrates that we should look at the whole sum of total wellness – body, mind, and spirit. The same concept can apply to makeup: holistic makeup is simply that which beneficial in all ways.

Many makeup brands have preyed upon insecurity and other negative feelings to connect with their customers. This way of advertising is so damaging to the mind and spirit.

Environmental concern and ethics are another concern. Beauty products created with scarce natural resources, unjust labor, and animal testing carry negative spiritual energy and for a lot of us, guilt.

I've taken all these aspects into consideration when including outside links here. The holistic makeup and beauty brands and recipes I'm sharing are those that are wholly positive in how they're created, shared, and used.

Plant Makeup is a full line of cosmetics made only from botanical ingredients. The light, natural pigments are completely non-synthetic, vegan, and sustainably packaged. Formulator Jes creates the makeup from scratch along with all of the branding and packaging for the company. This company has been a favorite of mine for a long time!

Hug Your Skin also uses a holistic approach and creates certified organic skincare. Their Floral Facial Tonic sounds incredibly soothing.

Tropic Skincare is a British company that creates beautifully pigmented cosmetics as well as skincare and body goods. All of their products are vegan and nontoxic.

Nubian Heritage has a wellness collection of bath and body products. I'm obsessed with their African Black Soap line and their Abyssinian Oil & Chia Seed 24 Hour Deodorant actually works really well compared to other natural deodorants I've tried.

Starwest Botanicals carries high-quality ingredients and makeup accessories like sustainable makeup sponges. Want to try making your own beauty products? Recipes below!

holistic makeup and beauty products

Holistic Makeup + Beauty Recipes

You can also make your own holistic beauty products. Here are some great head-to-toe recipes:

What are your favorite holistic makeup and beauty brands? Leave your suggestions in the comments. ?

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